Assert themselves

Part one: certainly ourselves, beyond ourselves a person must first assert themselves.Many times we are grateful for someone to give us help and support, in fact, really only rescue their own, if we are sure he is right, then our world will be correct; if we want to change their world, they must be assured of their own, sure you will be able to transform the world, with the firm belief that we can overcome their own.  A person also needs to continue to overcome their own.People, in fact, has many weaknesses: self-esteem, lazy, timid; there are many difficulties: poverty, disease, failure.To overcome these weaknesses, to overcome these difficulties, we must continue to overcome their own, he who conquers himself, overcome self-confidence will be weak, hard work will bring success, but also he who conquers himself, can really harvest and the joy of harvest, in order to fruitful results in drink wine mellow success.  Each leaf has two sides, a smooth glossy front facing the sun, sucking sun and rain, the trees full of vitality, thriving.In fact, people are the same, there is the sunny side of life and nightside, do not always pessimistic toward the nightside sigh, just turned, we will hand the brilliant sunshine face a new world.  Affirm ourselves, beyond ourselves, we can make life more perfect, face enormous suffering and challenges, with our best and most strong of mind to face it, when we finally go beyond ourselves, we deeply appreciate to that kind of ” busy watching Pretrial blossom, “the Rongrubujing laid-back, that kind of ‘Man with the outer space Yunjuanyunshu’ of relaxing, life-like as cruising freely in the limitless ocean.Only assert themselves beyond their own, change their attitude without reservation, to those who do not care about the pros and cons work and life more or less, to defeat a glorious morning deep down most confident smile, very calm and quiet life sometimes face to you remember that heavy slap in the face!  Our life is limited, so certainly need life, you need to overcome, more need to go beyond.This will allow us in a time of bitter feelings after failure, overcome their own, beyond themselves, so that life feel the passion in the ring of walking, feelings of success, their own feelings that penetrate the soul smile.    Part II: certainly good at himself, and certainly life, to create life life in the world, the long journey.Alive first of all to affirm themselves, to their confidence, and will have self.It is better to live in a state of mind and mood.Life should be so!  People live every day, it must have the confidence and belief that the pursuit of.Not just for themselves but also for others – parents, children, lovers.Sometimes, but also for siblings, friends, etc..People live life is inseparable from certain circles in the different circles, will sway your personality style of life.To live, to live better, we must have a positive attitude towards life, and certainly life, longing for life, fulfilling life.  People alive which should be to create, realize their value creation.Of course, there will be people feeling down, to learn to enlighten themselves, help yourself, “Adversity boats sailing boat behind.”.Therefore, confidence and perseverance is really important.Also good at seizing opportunities, decisive action.To acquire wealth, success and happiness.  End of the year drew to a close!The upcoming year later!The new year began immediately, we would like to adopt a positive attitude towards life, a good attitude, indifferent calm state of mind in the new year out of a different kind of life style.Part Three: praise others, is sure he said sincerely, most in life is each other warm, but most do not make their own costly gifts.Of course, it is difficult to estimate the value of.  When the relationship between you carefully observe each other’s advantages, and a change of heart to express praise, friendly, and will gradually accumulate in the establishment of a word spoken in.  Between lovers praise, let love more moist; praise among loved ones, let the family happier.Many experiments show: growing up in an environment full of praise of the people, more confident.Often by teachers praise students, academic performance is better.Indeed, even the farmer praise cow in the pasture, it can produce more and better milk.Do not ignore the power of praise.  Everyone loves flattery, but not necessarily everyone come about nice words.Even if nice words can tell, and not be tantamount to “praise”.  Praise must be sincere from the bottom of the inner, and have the facts, in order to move people.Otherwise, it is easy to flow in the superficial into butter up, the effect is negative.  ”Praise” and the biggest difference, “flattering”, is that the content of the statement is true, there is no excessive exaggeration or distortion; secondly, whether the motivation is simple.Sincerely praise, is not asking for anything, and did not want to get any benefit from each other’s body, so it is absolutely not become “flatter flatter”.  Reason why many people can not tell the words of praise, because there is no serious effort to observe each other, can not find expression in praise of the fact that, so that is why Kaibulekou.In fact, if carefully observed, it will be able to find a place worthy of praise, if only because the other side played a special suit and tie, wiped the lipstick looks very spiritual, very hearty or color, you are worthy of praise expressed to him.The party that receives praise, because you are careful and considerate, feel warm and touching!(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) to learn collector’s eye, from a seemingly unusual objects to the unique point of view, to see other people do not see the advantage.  Everyone, everything, all find a place worthy of your praise, as long as you are willing to carefully.  Lack of confidence in their own people, could not speak words of praise.He thought he would worry about the other excessive praise, there are other attempts, in order to express his innocence, he would rather remain silent.  Nature inferiority of people, more mean to praise others.He mistakenly thought to praise the advantages of others, to make their par.  In fact, praise others, is assured of their own.Performance sincerely expressed appreciation to others, we are to have confidence in ourselves of.The advantage of others, to be sure his vision; others featured in, and certainly their tolerance; in others manifestations, affirmed own observations.  Do not think that is a compliment others pay.From the “life energy” point of view, this is a kind of energy conversion, for when others praise, you’ve got more power.  For now, please start practicing your praise others in daily life, think of it as a habit.Regardless of the reaction on the surface of the other is shy, surprised, or gratitude, your kindness has been a rich source of irrigation of his heart, the heart out of blossoming flowers, landscaping vision of your life.    Part Four: For people assert themselves above the destiny, the destiny of confidence is the master.- Helen Tai Lihua Calle If we had to face the secular bias or pressure back, and that the world will never witness that shook the world Avalokitesvara.Also that year, or deaf Beethoven, not the fiery love of music and uninhibited temperament in others words, there would be no popular music of Destiny.  We tried to find a little something in common from their hands, and in the end found that this is not superhuman talent is not extraordinary courage.But no matter when and where they are assured of their own.Albert Einstein once said: Genius is 99 percent perspiration created by the.This means that this world is not a genius, so do not go to the envy of others, because you can.  Assured of their own, that is, people have to believe in themselves after the fall of non-mediocrity.Dead micromalus rough rocks can be caused by stone mason fight, let alone a person.Pretentious is not a derogatory word for, Li Bai was holding spirits, facing the sky bold his words; his back laughing to go out, my generation How can it be basil.Perhaps now is only temporary downturn, you have to believe in yourself, climb mountains this one, everything will be spring, and then step forward, everything will be brighter future.  Confirm their heroic courage is to dare in front of people, although Liang extraordinary talent, but at the time and then decided to Emperor Guangxu bus letter cited measures under the social political unrest, if not in front of a big ambition Dare, do not be afraid this will take great condemnation of it.Throughout the ages, which have no military strategist maneuvers of their own confidence.Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang if not believe in yourself, desperate fear did not dare put on a large empty city, as people laugh and cry it.If it were not also believe in themselves, not let fear Liu Bei Highlighting, named after the people and admirable.Assured of their own, to follow their predecessors said: I’m Born with, daughter cleared up again.  Sure it is not stubborn.Opinionated, blind confidence that is at your own risk.The person is behind the times.Assured of their own, need a clear understanding of their own heart.The so-called pretentious, but also need to put into action.Ancient words: master, round trip.While you and I’m not stupid, but others have been started before, how can we not chase men.  Assert themselves, recognize themselves.Along the way we will certainly want Mo flowers, slowly from.    Part five: insist – insist on their own is a sure success is also a victory, and insisted that the process, not the casual verbal Bale.If you insist on doing everything you can, and you will be successful.  The famous scientist Albert Einstein once said: “Genius is one per cent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration of.”Although you are not smart, but you pay a little more effort than others, so you can still succeed.And I was such a stark example.  In November of last year is winter, my father gave me a newspaper professional swimming training.I just started full unwilling to learn, because I think too much attention to these swimming, and my mind this is like playing an anesthetic needle-like drowsily.  What landslide ah, ah, and so on-to-edge technologies that I got dizzy brain turn.What freestyle as well as to hold water, pay attention to the action of the law.I’m like a robot and blunt put that knowledge into their minds irrigation.And when the coach lost face when I saw this, I said, is not expected to swim, they learn much faster than I would have.  Gradually, I gradually hang of it, and go slowly adapt.What I have learned in front of the cross.Later I learned freestyle really reached a pinnacle, to the pool on the duck.Coaches look at me like this meticulous study and has always insisted on practicing very motivated, and my heart full of happy, I intend to teach in advance wallowing in the water.  As the name suggests wallowing in the water, it is to use the strength of your abdominal muscles to roll this is the need to have some skills, it looks like only seen on television in the swimming program.At first coach to help me turn over a few times, I feel very nose and forehead pain, feeling of being someone slipped a shining knife.  At this point I began to want to give up, but the beginning is said than done!You do not put the most basic things you do not learn anything in the end.I hesitated in my mind.Finally I gave a bite to want to stick with it, after all you’ve done for the first time, the second time to do so the next time will be easier than just a feeling.  So, I go to practice every day related to the coach.Yang butterfly frog from four strokes skills I initially grasp and know when they swim.Now I’m just a swim in the pool will attract some people envious eyes.And this is because this year I insist that they are now flexible small fish from landlubbers had not even water under.  Persevering!Finally, I have one thing to give us: “I insist, I’m happy, my progress!”