At dawn, good night

We are a special group, we always sleep after dawn, we always say goodnight after dawn.Nightlife Network can never forget that cold and windy, I was wrapped in a thick cotton coat, stiff knuckles holding pen, rubbing his flushed red nose curled up in the classroom Sui Suinian, the health teacher told us about Nightingale’s story, since she became a goddess in my mind, sets holy, kind, intelligent, selfless in one, I also feel shock, admiration and pride.    Before graduation day, dovetail cap, robes, candles, in front of the Nightingale oath that moment, the sun on the earth, my tears.    Much later, I finally understand the “day to drop any man also.”We did not Nightingale great, we are still in love, get married, we still smile blossoming open date, but I finally understand her mind, it is about life, about pain, on the edge of death, about dying, I also eventually learn, save lives, and death race in a pool of blood, pull the ropes of a people.Even though I always dragged his exhausted body to wait for dawn, even though I always fall asleep during the day, even if I can only pay a modest, yet fervent hope, earth and less pain, and more breeze.