At forty articles

Part one: at forty netizen once asked my age, I said I was middle-aged, she said: Haha!You are in hot demand, Rhapsody a flower ah.I asked myself: I was right?I feel that he is tired, cold heart, nothing nothing, I can spend it count?  Confucius said: thirty, begins at forty.Italian man to 40 years old will have nothing to fear, doubt, and there is a choice and not a psychological retreat.So, to be 40 years old then, we middle-aged life began.  I’m well past middle age, a positive attitude to life on the move, along the way, I have a deep understanding of the meaning of life, middle-aged.Think, the middle-aged are the most beautiful and brilliant stage of life on the road, because at this stage of life is an important milestone in the whole of history are filled with well-off record, a life is the most tasteful.People after middle age, most have experienced a lot of things, everything is back to a rational.I say this, because at that time people’s emotions are calmed and calm, deep and profound, mature and open-minded; have learned how to cherish life, Appreciating the good sense, and visit family, the balance of things; their accomplishment with further upgrade, personable, self-denial tolerance, a brighter future, desire and just; has shown the temperament is elegant and generous, calm and cool, calm sophisticated, answer freely.  In fact, middle age is a happy thing, at this time, has spent the calm and the storm of life; experience the emotion of love and pain; enjoy the warmth of home and comfort; gone through an extraordinary life and trivia, struggled to pursue the ideal career.Turns out to be: “Thirty fame dust and soil, The Cloud and the Moon”, what responsibilities and obligations, expectations and trust, fame and fortune, joy and bitterness.Everything is filled into the history of middle-aged life, wealth became enjoy happiness.  A man of forty, lost much of my spirit, no share simple.But more of a mature, add in a deep broad-minded, with a tranquil and restrained in.Look sway and uninhibited temperament, there is a mature and dignified accomplishment, covered with a fascinating figure and style, turns out to be fragrant flowers in full bloom.  A man of forty, the heyday of life, is the most solid and the most confident period.Appearance look, he has taken the pace is so robust, the release is so bright and piercing eyes, not the kind of apathy old, covered in his voice; connotation look, as if he is not one to read through the book, how high the peak of accomplishment, like stands; it contains a number of years of life, how many ups and downs of the day, what a good reason, like flowing fountains.In fact, he is a leafy tree, sun and moon stood the trials and hardships of life, still stands between heaven and earth, uncomplaining care of green grass and flowers around them, so that they grow.  I was forty years old, a little feisty when young, vindictive willful, frivolous uneasy, with the promise made by vices.A little spring and maturity, several traces of the sun and the moon, present several human thin; disputes seen through time, the world state of Yan Liang, rolling Red, fame disputes.Bearish on everything, all the clouds.  I was forty years old, happy balconies and meditation, and dream the night the body of the boiler and emotion.What hypocrisy truth, good and evil, beauty and ugliness, family friendly, at a glance, presented in front of us, like the moon and stars, like plants, like trees.Turns out to be “Dreams of all knowledge, human sophistication that article,” the state of mind.  In fact, forty year old man is a mountain of mud, red sun is in the sky, the flowers are in full bloom.Women are made of water in a river, is a bright white month, is seeking to spend butterfly.The river continues to erode mountains, red at the moment waiting for the rising of the moon, flowers lure the butterflies, flowers Dielian.Therefore, this time the man is a lengthy Ya, personable woman is gentle enough, graceful.Because they have gone through life’s joys and sorrows, wanes, know how to have, know how to cherish, to understand how to deal with success and failure.  The eyes are the windows to the Soul.Especially middle-aged eyes, is so bright and piercing, is not bleak in the elderly, young people no confusion.His insight into the Red light and dark, you can see through worldly fame and fortune, you can wear through the inherent nature of man and repair.This time his heart stopped going to deliberately indulge in debauchery lonely world, but a deliberate attempt to pursue and enjoy the warmth of the deep love of home life; work is no longer a simple and reckless, but prudent and cautious; Man heavy and light is no longer a beautiful character, but the appearance of light weight training; setbacks no longer depressed, hang back, but pick yourself up and move on.The result is no longer seeking deliberate pursuit of beauty and perfection, but a deliberate attempt to grasp the consistency and improvement process.  Although middle-aged life is so beautiful and charming, but the four-year-old man, tired heart, love too, such as day responsibility, morality as a mountain.It is the core unit of the backbone; the family is the backbone of the harbor; houses are timber and wealth in society.So, what family affairs unit to carry everything, no matter if you can Go On, responsibilities and obligations you have to go to carry, nose to the grindstone, can not stay.Even if your heart is tired, your feelings are helpless, but still insist on going, going to maintain, to go tolerance, dedication to go.  Pour a glass of spirits, basement overflowing mellow moment, all the joy and pain, elation and frustration, loneliness and worry, calm wind and waves.Peremptorily children are immersed in this full-bodied wine, listening to the singing of the boiler, enjoying the optimum temperature of baptism, a drink and felt comfortable the whole body!As if my thoughts fly to the lofty sky, crossed the vast ocean; as if I was the red sun in the sky, it is a pleasant Reflection of the Moon, is that the snow dressed in Jinsong.Sigh!Although the United States middle-aged, tired of my heart!  In middle-aged people, in the heart of the journey, ups and downs, lived, I feel it all silently.  The haze cleared, overflow color flow Hong.West Side where, where to next month?I secretly believe my most important.    Part II: when people forty years, life as spring, and could feel spring shoot first glance, the beginning of spring grass Rong, flowers in bud yet, at heart will carry exuberant vitality, the autumn of life is still far away, it is bleak or golden completely unaware of, not to mention also across the middle for a catch bustling summer.However, if a moment of napping, spring has gone, summer is gone, dazzling white hair has grown in the temples, late autumn of life has quietly come.  The spring of 2003 came with my four-year-old’s birthday together with a group of friends rushing liquor warm this day, let this season become as mellow as wine.  The face of a friend sincere smile and cries of sincere wishes, put that glass, when there is no longer the usual gentle, thousand and do not seem to liquor, but four decades of years.Forty years of trail trek ah, all shaking tipsy tipsy in to a picture, the picture was infected with the vicissitudes of life, as well as large areas of color like pink clouds.Dear friends, at this moment, I feel that life is short, long career.Four decades of the day, we just use a hands barricaded a simple pontoon bridge of this side is the road traveled, bumpy road, twists and turns; that side of the bridge connecting the future, still waiting we use less mature measured pace from day to day, but water under the bridge has been put into our black hair rinse hair.Life on the road, we are on the way.Sauna net drink of liquor, spits out all history, as well as wherever there will not forget the memories.The latter is drunk, when all pretense back to do all the color, everyone’s heart has a sense of return to innocence, no one thought, forty quietly coming in our hurried footsteps in.However, we feel that they have not grown up, the heart is still so childish, sometimes romantic feelings still snuggled beautiful imagination, I feel life has just put back the curtain, not a blueprint for life colorful drawing, colorful world still waiting for us to battles, how all of a sudden to be 40 years old?Phase, as our eyes are lined and stud white hair black hair tucked inside, and then look back to our children, is soaring bamboo shoots jointing camel, are not we surprised: Really forty!As well as the rest of the trek you forty years?The do not have time to do the reading of the book has not had time to read, wonderful chapter is still waiting for us to appreciate.Jinjinzhangzhang days give our shoulders bear the emptiness of life, but also bear the weight of life, between trance, does it mean to be 40 years old?Day how flies so fast!In Gongchoujiaocuo, mischievous childhood has become a drinking dishes, scene after scene of her childhood memories strung together, become the consolation heart of wine; glass cup of liquor to the hot voice will gradually with sweet Italian.Think of teenagers, regardless of time studying the twilight, when the middle-aged hardships efforts, until now, the others seem to have it all, that nothing seems no.Life left for us is how many feelings, how many sour.Fortunately, in our generation just off childish things right on time every republic, barren soil of youth to the youth began to plow and sow, only the rain and the rain nourishes.In the absence of hard years, the wild heart has become barren, even today, has made slight results, but also dial to make the fertility of life, so we feel that this life is exciting and makes us feel a bit helpless sigh with perhaps this is the ordinary people living in extraordinary day.  Liuniansishui, Suiyueruge.Whether it is brilliant life, or obscure chapters are worth forty to use voice singing emotionally, because it is written in our own history, our own creation of life out of print, no one can tamper with, who can not be deleted.Although bitter, but sweet.Forties, early spring flowers, half open, half bud; forty years old, is the fruit of early autumn, half sentimental, half ripe; forty years old, so we took naive, but also with mature; with fantasy, also with the thinking of reality.Do not say we were young and the young not use the word blindfolded their eyes, frankly doing floating dream predecessors in the shade.If young, that is what seeding time; if mature, that is what we harvest time.Dear friends, four decades of years, what we sow?What we harvest?Sun Yat-sen said: “When there is born into whom, to whom reside there, have the opportunity to do a man whom.”But what we do?Time flies, time flies in the face of the age of forty, we have much to say, they seem to find the right words; we have a lot to do, but seemed to be no clue.Four decades of the day quietly slipped between our fingers, even we ourselves do not have that.And we, for this nation, for this day and age, in order to leave this land at the foot of exactly what?  The age of forty, forcing us to think about!  Dry branches sprout there will be flaws, old bamboo shoots wild race out there will be new, there will be failure of hay shoots thrive.As long as our life is not death, there will always be new hope for heart field to take root, there will always be able to see the red sun gushing out.  Song Jiang Jie in the “Beautiful Lady Yu · listen to the rain,” Lane said, “Young upstairs listening to the rain song, Candle faint Luozhang; passenger boat in the prime listening to the rain, low cloud width Jiang Yan called off Westerly.Now listen to the rain under Monk House, temples have been the stars.Joys and sorrows always ruthless, term order to drip before dawn.”Poet in life listening to the rain, listening to the rain of life is also a form of life, and every season of life where there will be Fruitful, even if we have a full head of white hair to time, there will be innocent life.Now, to coincide with the era of prosperity, there are many career waiting for us to reclaim, there are many wilderness waiting for us to work.Forty years old, it flows to sail, as long as we still pure bosom spring rain, the sun will still rise to life, because life is not old and deserting.  Spring has to go, Yan Yan flowers still bloom in my pen, blooming in a field full of painted manuscript Cheng.