At that time the article

Part One: September breeze that time quickly filled cuff, the branches of the sun is relentless knocked the years, the subtle wind dash of cold rolled, cold-west greetings too late, if there is sadness.  Aisle mottled shade staggered, Suganthawanit calling the West Wing last month, month rhyme Seiki attack on Shiba, crashed through the waves is a blossoming Haiyan, insisted on drowning lonely asked me if there is sadness.  Crumbled into the sky clouds of white smoke ink, Guqi night win over the hill, as the moon osmanthus trees grow up before yesterday, haunting aroma locked in my eyes, the night once asked me if there is sad.  The swirling leaves casual patchwork, in front of the fence has long been higher than my head, lily together, the time asked me if I can not steal eternal love, fleeting but asked me if there is sadness.  Rain against my ear parked outside the window, stirring atmosphere buried in the soil, along with a brief brilliance accept the fire of youth, every drop of rain had driven to distraction asked me if there is sadness.  The air smelled broadcast time, playful birds flying caterpillars dangling from time to time shook the dirt stick body, there is blue sky breeding steady, lilting melody forgot to ask me if there is sadness.  Shadows gradually whirling pond edge, people children at dusk rolled up cuffs, obscure smile on the lips, twilight shed dash of gentle, golden petals will wrap future, please do not ask me if there is sadness.    Part II: At that time then, it Yuyuantan cherry flying season, the sun like a pair of warm hands stroking my cheek.  In the quaint courtyard, I feel the silence of a quiet, kind of secular away from the hustle and bustle of mood struck me.For a moment, I saw the pedestrian looked around the courtyard, just like ice cold face of the millennium opened, there is a trace of moving.Two trees vigil, watching from the rush of passing.  At that time, I was looking up this mountain.Not the heroic mind, not proud contempt, I just use a touch of eyes to look at this cliff.There are stone steps, after the invasion of countless storms, up the stairs, enjoying the mountain breeze blowing pleasure, is not it already moved beyond the life?  At that time, she is crazy.Sunshine spread to her face, I saw her unbridled smile, it’s beautiful.I can not imagine that she had a lonely reclining promenade, teetering on the edge of life.Is not mask?I do not know, do not want to know.Years flowing around me, I saw her through, I do not know is passing, or permanent friend.  Lit a cigarette curl.It was pleasant to enjoy, or burn their own melancholy?She said that time is the most beautiful, as if in the open midnight orchids alone, I can listen to the sound get flowers, or, my heart could hear the sound to that bloom?Trodden path along the cliff, is the royal road.Sauna net then you say, there is no place that allows you to put down the hearts of obsession?At that time I was thinking, if any, must be in paradise.This time it is the season of cherry blossoms fluttering petals falling on your body, you flick it, then, that a fragrance will turn to dust.At that moment, my eyes with two drops of Tears.  Here it is not called a paradise?I do not have such naive, persistent think the world really paradise, when I looked out of Beijing, imagine the glitz and the decline of the millennium, imagine once in a decade, I was dressed Pathetic, walked bluestone guxiang ; imagine she had a look of desolation through an asphalt road in the hustle and bustle, pedestrians wearing cool smile.At that time, the cherry blossoms are still flying, I hear you in my ear unbridled laughter.  At that time, I saw a wise practice.Then I saw your prank.I can not help laughing.Is not in our hearts, there is no pure land, and I think at that moment I was physically and mentally Ju Yi collapse, you whisper to me, life is at midnight or at dawn?I also thought of orchids, pale eyes and thought of you, thought to himself that whispered.I said, misty rain when the wind came, we Xu Huiming white what is called poetic.Clear bell rings, you’re laughing at my ignorance naive romantic.  At that time, every sound voiceless, every once removed, just to play back your voice and facial expression, is not the spirit of flying, you lit a cigarette, and said, This is it Blue Rose?I remember a white rose, saying that Moonlight, see your sneer, I think there is a loneliness called the GAO.Then I thought of the red rose, kind of like the color of fire, burns all around her.Is not the night, your noble always crushed that cold moonlight, that always flooded darkness, a brittle beauty.  At that time, the cherry blossoms in your body shoulder drew a beautiful track drop earth.I think this is a home,.  Wisp of curl of smoke pouring out from your lips, then, I know, this is the exciting beauty.Is not in a corner of the world, there are so kind of existences when cherry blossoms fluttering, poetry can be written to my mind?  I do not know if this is a kind of existence.  For a moment, I thought of cinnabar mole.  When the years of ups and downs, I return to dull.    Part Three: Perhaps then wound broken, then deep scars, pain in the body, not in mind; heart hurt, no trace no trace, broke our body and mind; to write page after page diary, pen and ink over the place is sad, is saying no the tears!Pretending strong camouflage jacket, smiling mask, saying indifferent words, everyone has their own dark corners, even if do not like to go into how, night falls, no one greeting every minute, or not used to loneliness companionship, happiness is an illusion, black reality!  Looking for someone you can talk, but forget everyone has their own get out of the Tomb, mapping at sunset, leaving a long, lonely, no one will be more profound than their own, not comfort, expectations turned into a lonely , a man finally came, accompanied by the shadow passed, perhaps even the footprints will not leave.Forget how sad time access to the world, and accustomed to a person close to nature.Like to look up at the sky, the only free heaven accommodate what I can not shed tears.Everyone says I love to laugh, optimistic, cheerful, who really see my weakness.Perhaps I’m too good disguise, no one knows the tears are too cheap, I would rather swallow their own strong.And then find their own source of pleasure, even if I have to entertain myself smiling talking refueling.Always have to be a silly children grow up, this face is not mature, never thought that one day will be wiping thick makeup, always feel that perhaps he would have to live like this.Like a child obsessed with fairy tale kingdom, I hide in their own world, thinking that as long as so perhaps he would not hurt.But hiding is a transparent sheet of paper, I can not do without this world after all.In one day I quietly break into this world, or is delighted and looking forward to what, exploring their language and smile.They look pretty, I’m so happy, like to see the fairy tale princess, they smiled take me a very long time, and can disappear without a trace left me at the intersection, they did not, I did not toys, a pair of beautiful eyes never blink brilliance, they turned out to be false princess, lost a good princess.Sometimes, expectations will be shattered in an instant, so the trust can no longer withstand the doubt, not getting good, really want to support God can have a pen, give each person draw a red heart, perhaps so that they will become really princess, then maybe there would be deceived!  This world is not that a song can be sung everyone’s heart, awaken the original goodness, return to the original natural.Perhaps that time will no longer have a dark corner, lonely Tomb, broken heart.