At that time

Or like the sun, sunny, autumn, my morning sun..    Remember going around in circles, always forget and remember, those green days.    Vaguely or ignorance when it is not stained dust mixed time.Period of two weeks to go home, mostly ignorant played out in school, the only school memories is the path home, to keep a lot of laughter.Nightlife Network At the time I was a little boy Bale.The memory of the road is full of blue mist, like impressionist painting.The sun through the branches in bluestone rubbed into a spot gold, green leaves swaying in the breeze, four fragrance, Orchid lovers, trails quiet long, stretch into the distance.    At the time I, a man, a broken bag, Yang Zhao smile, the sun seems everything is good.I can be a person, enjoy the sunshine and well.    Life is getting shorter, the temple is also the moment in the past, I remember that my seat, place it in by the back door.Looks like in the book there is the legendary science slag exclusive location.So I was sitting by the window of the occasion, lazy listening to the lesson, but it is pulling his fingers windowsill pulverizer, absent-minded.Distant mountains and water depend on each other, idle clouds, like me.    The sun is too warm, but I’m too lazy, obviously in the exam is approaching, but did not mind a little impulse to want to read.Still lying on the lawn, looking at the distant ravine whitening stained blade like a cream-like, while “Crash” “Crash,” urging them to sleep.I do not know if I should say a few words past, only know when I should not bother to listen.I think of the past, my mind the most is the twilight before study hall, and has been looking at the sky at dusk me thinking about some of their own do not care to do.At that time, breeze as promised, my heart leisurely.    And, as I walked in the twilight, the time to move ahead.In her spare time, or we will take a look at graduation photo.Pour over three years time, back to the wall down, standing in front of a tree, regardless of Wang Ran, just thinking that time has been thinking about things, life should always go forward, do not forget to soul, heart to maintain the idle like.