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Part One: Man’s father today to get me to drink chicken soup, chicken clip also hard to give me a piece, I said do not clip so much, eat.  He said that when they were young guests are coming, grandfather just get chicken, they will seek death grab, grandpa kicked their legs in the table below.  He also said, want to eat less than before, now with how you eat do not eat it, really do not understand.  But Dad, you know I do not know, because we will not have food to eat, there will have to eat more delicious, then we will pursue more and more delicious.And those are not always in unrest.Contentment, is easier said than done.  We are not monks, do not know how submissive patience, contentment.Those who do not speak truths, I will, even a fool will now society, it should be said that only a fool would say to a large set of a large set of theories, the question is who can do it.  Those optimistic statement, happy day without fun is also the day, it is slightly happy.How unhappy it is not.Boat to cross the bridge, the ship itself is bent ah, to the bridge, “bang” it straight?  So I say, life is short, so why force, since God has given you, you can also throw off rejection, everyone, we tacit friends keep their original character, we had Sasa Tuotuo.How good.    Part II: Man’s come so far just to the congestion in the eye of reinforced cement concrete removed, the clamor in the ears of the sound of the human voice telephone horn sound empty.  Come so far just to avoid those Yingyinggougou fame dehumanized faces, escape from vanity comparisons infighting rumors in.  Come so far, just looking for a clean place, no garbage no pollution, no matter who come here will become ever clean.  Come so far, just want to reach an empty place, nothing over his eyes, the eyes can freely run wild, to see infinity.People do not have to walk in fear under the watch intently Gaan high-rise, do not like a frog-like head helplessly watched the poor a small piece of the sky sigh.Sauna net here, no longer disguise and pretense.Sky does not need to disguise the vast desert expanse do not need frills, people return to the original mind, such as newborn newborn baby, at a glance.  Here, any desire to have disappeared without a trace.Even if in reality the hustle become thick-skinned meat rough, heart still trying to settle down and return in good faith, in good faith the face of the sky, the face of the desert, to face yourself, face the past and the future.  This is the end of the earth.It is the vast expanse of sand skyline, separate dream and reality, in front of a dream, the reality behind.Material and spiritual, and eternal life, so contradictory poles here seamless.    Part Three: Man’s Mogan forget on the patch of barren Loess Plateau, my grandparents virtue of hard-working hands, native here, from generation to generation.Grow from birth to now, my knowledge, my flesh, my soul, all my all, everyone is bestowed with the mother and the mountains.  Person’s life, there are numerous first time, for the first time Yiyi Ya Ya learn to call her mother, first hobbled learning to walk for the first time crooked write his name.Mogan forget, the first lesson of life, are taught by the mother of.Until now, the night made a nightmare, always called the mother’s phone, that seek comfort; occasional discomfort, always heard my mother’s orders, remember to take medicine, drink plenty of water, take care of yourself; do wrong thing is still like a kid waiting for his mother’s Masters training; Tomoko Morrow mother, and then a big old again, in front of his mother, always be a child.Mother of grace, forget Mogan!  Like all mothers, my mother is also an ordinary woman, serious teaching work, leisure time playing mahjong.Holiday home idle, although such a large, still have to take care of my mother three meals a day living life.I thin body, always the mother’s care, feeling slightly unwell, even if uneasy when.I have been an adult, the mother is also fifty years old, I’m still a self-made idle, she has worked hard diminished, which makes me anxious heart.  Mother and I separated for a distance in the weekly phone call, must be so, in order to subtract her care and worry, go glossy, all true wanderer.Father is a man of few words, affection mixed with a little gap in the dialogue between man and man, always blunt and brief, and I know that his love in silence.Only the mother, clutching the phone, ramble inquiry cold ask warm, and finally, always forget to add the sentence: a good meal.  Installed home computer, which makes me the distance and the family and close to the mother typing is very slow, usually voice, and is pretty easy.She was afraid of the son of himself speaking in a thick northern Shaanxi accent Mandarin, she knew that his son was a good face son.Every so often, she always wanted me to send a few photos to her and see nothing!Obsessed to say: that is a bit thin!Tone still is like that of love and pity.  Remember the holiday at home, his father’s rebuke, attracted him burst into tears, overwhelmed mother panic face, side to comfort him, while her husband reprimanded.Yes!He never never received such a rebuke, pampered childhood, he has always been grown in accordance with the wishes of the mother, he never weak to stir up trouble.He was too soft and weak, like daughter like Xianxiu.  He was always sickly teenager, after growth is still not improve, pulling her mother’s heart.A senior!Little homework, he is still nostalgia that city, and she said: Come back!So closer to me some of the.How I want to return to my hometown, but the school’s tedious affairs, inviting a rush!  Suddenly have a dream last night, I woke up from a dream, called the mother’s phone, all unharmed, mind free of worry.Pinch that calculation, but also has a full seven days.It turned out that already in the hearts miss subtle birth.After growth, we know a lot of truth in life, with a grateful heart to mature.Person’s life, the grace to remember, is the family, upbringing.