At the foot of the road

Part One: road at the foot inadvertently read an article, the general content of a person holding a donkey hurry forward, donkey accidentally fell into a dry well the ruins of owner hurry to discard a rescued donkey difficult to go alone.  Should not call every day, being heard by anyone donkey looked up at the distant hole, reluctantly licking stains stains bleeding wounds in the dry well secretly sad, at this time the stench of garbage reveals a pot of about face down in the body, mental and physical pain donkey Lying on the floor, close your eyes and think quietly away from the world to make their despair.I do not know how long, disappointing belly began rumbling slowly opened his tired eyes, scanned the surrounding environment, able to shelter on the site, in addition to ash, head rags, dry leaves, there are several strings fresh Shuya children.Live Is Better Than To Die!Thought of this, the donkey got up, shook his head the body of dust, chewing tender Ah, dry leaves.The foot of the garbage pave real step.Day by day passed, more and more garbage from getting near the hole, donkey he was secretly delighted, softly singing, if the heart, dream on, just start all over again.Man Road as iron, CHAMC.And finally in a bright sunny noon, donkey slowly let it out of this leg to animate dead, cocoon into a butterfly, it will experience, strong physically and mentally it’s a dry well.A sight that a prosperous, blue sky, white clouds, green grass laid on cattle and sheep, as well as helped the old man crossing the road antelope.Planning a donkey looking for a place to play to their energy, starting a new life.  See the donkey thought of life’s long road, landfill is weak, the strong growth of stepping on garbage.As long as your heart have a dream, do not be intimidated by the difficulties are not to be confused by the illusion of immediate, powerful stumbling block will be your will, improve your mind, you are strong across the past, the road on foot.    Part II: Road at the foot of earth had no roads, more people walk, and has become way.This sentence, I do not know from where, to prove my poor foundation literature.But I know what it’s meaning, we should use it.And we hope that more people will use it.In other words, it is all the way out, or create out.Standing at the crossroads of people, just think about it: I like to do it?What advantage is it my?My situation now in the end how it?I can use any way to get yourself to be happy?.Then compare the mentality of the post before thinking and not thinking through, you will find: the road on foot!  Someone once complained: Where to go?I am really confused.It can be said that such a problem and feel that everyone experienced, because we are not born with knowledge, but learning with knowledge.Only through the influence of parents, teachers and the community, only you listen carefully, carefully mind, mental effort and application, we will be more and more knowledge, we will be more and more broad way to go!  What is the reason to limit our progress?Is thought degradation, the character is lazy, confused money and enjoy our eyes!Or many other reasons.Nurses and nursing profession and the status quo, what we want?In addition to inadequate staffing, low status and treatment, we thought he did not really work hard?In addition to the drawbacks of the systems and institutions, our initiative will play out of it?No!We ourselves are too lazy to move, who has so much patience to push you move it?  A fact: busy at work, stress, mental and physical exhaustion.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) Fact 2: role, less time, chores ridden.  The fact three: spare time want to relax, to dress themselves like other women, fashion.  The fact four: every check and develop new business, or arrange new tasks, always a nurse rushed forward, nursing the most careful examination, however, these forms can not be transferred to the enthusiasm of not only nurses, but nurses tired of so-called service learning, examination and assessment and various checks.Coupled with the impact of unhealthy trends in society, there are a few people really love learning, love of work, love of the unit, love of country it?Passive work situation and mood, can contribute to improving the quality of work, it can promote development?  Extending from around the country, took online learning is concerned, we start spirits high, take part in, slowly slowly become silent, and even leave.why?Bad environment or for other reasons, only knew each.  From day care to participate in the work, I do not regret choosing the road, so, no matter how people say, how to talk, how to do, I still go its own way.  Adhere to the study and reflection, theory with practice, adhere to grasp every opportunity, to himself as a member of society, willing to exercise in the storms, no matter how poor foundation, eventually there will be a successful day!This is what I got here harvest.  At the foot of the road, the key is that you would be willing to go.Past successes and failures, represent the past, present and future what will happen, only rely on themselves to strive, to work towards a hope of success on the bigger, even if you lose, there is nothing to regret.If lying on past achievements to sleep late, or in fits and starts, or lives hand to mouth, and just then, you can only stay in the status quo or even retreat.  At the foot of the road, and we need to come out by!    Part three: the road at the foot of “Where Is?At the foot of the road “Once,” Journey to the West “fascinated me in my childhood years, it makes my heart child with sustenance — fantasy.Endless fantasy let my mind is full of fairy tales changing, martial arts bizarre daydreams.I was banking on the day he can transform himself into the Monkey King has the ability seventy-two like change, with world roaming monk and after countless thrilling, soul and swing suffering people finally get Scriptures.  Children of the world always is singular impermanent, thoughts can be heaven into the earth, it will not be bound by any forces.And finally in the process of growing slowly at some point, I suddenly realized that his thoughts very difficult to fly away again, it will be stuck in a lazy spiritual zone, which makes the once unruly thoughts added maturity and reason and eventually dare not deviate.  What makes us thought the pace of stagnation, is what makes us the power of thinking becomes weak?Today, the “Journey to the West” is no longer the myth of great interest to me, not in my thoughts flying to the mysterious temple.So just let me Huangwu lyrics to heavy life.If our hearts are “Road”, you have to walk, and had to go, threw.Power of the mind to be stronger than any force, driven by this power, is already tired body, legs and knees have been, or have to go away —.Power has been stored up in the heart, he is still at the foot of the road.  Taihang two mountains and Wangwu blocking the Foolish Old Man of the house, where the road?The problem for people living in between two mountains felt confused.Rich than the Foolish Old Man “wise” person roundabout way from the side of the mountain to the other side, naturally it will be very far away.The Foolish Old Man but insisted stubbornly to the mountains, Although he realized that he “years and ninety” in his lifetime is unable to complete this arduous huge project, maybe this one will not last long dry old bones will be tired to death.But Yu Gong thought of his children and grandchildren of this potentially crucial force will always complete the great cause of mountains.So there will be in the heart of the Foolish Old Man of the road, this road will undertake the process of his sons hard work, but at the end of this road will be a gateway to the infinite world, creating a happy way.Yu Gong is not a self-deception idiot, his wisdom actually leap countless years.A thought for the elderly will be as innocent as a child, and it is this beyond the age of innocence it reflects an old man Taizhiruoyu.If people with the older and Yoga to open up new thinking, so vibrant and wisdom will be closely tied, let alone stretches.Wisdom is only wisdom dead.  Although the road is the wisdom of thorns Mangcang blocked the way forward, but the road is a need to continue to explore the.If we are thinking only of those who are keen to walk Avenue has been cleared, then the human intelligence will only stay in a simple pattern.So human consciousness is that innovation does not follow the existing old road, but another way in the continuing process of practice.Even the dark steep wall of rock enclosure around us, even the shortage Congcao spine born in spreading Mang, after all, is some way.  I think human life could there be a line path.Way is to use your feet or some kind of transportation to go, the road criss-cross the world we live in, and they initially nothing more than our wisdom and strength to develop into a human being.Because of the constantly expanding our living space, and therefore the long road to expand, so humans develop the land, sea, road and even in space.The boundaries of human activity and therefore a limited territory stretching from the infinite space.In the process of continuous delay in visible way to sublimate from a real body is less than the extent of the naked eye, this is an ongoing process of seeking wisdom extension.And this process must have been like to undertake the type of determination and courage of countless lives, those pioneers have certainly full of charm foolish old man like Bo see the wisdom of.Those future generations also undertake the behest of their ancestors and tireless strike, to create a “pioneer” the dream finally realized.So in this world is not the lack of “Foolish Old Man” of.  In our long history of life, there is some way this can intimidate us can not go, it deterred people retreat before it has all sorts of difficult.So it is there is a test of the presence of the spirit of the will of the people, but it is not impossible to complete, but it had to have completed superior will and perseverance.  I think of the famous monk Xuanzang in history, that the monk archetype.Xuan Zang is on to complete his Buddhist sutras Albert regarded as a miracle, like in a decade, so far away, so many difficulties and obstacles, life and death are not absolutely clear boundaries.Breathtaking is a monk, not a warrior of great talent, is not a professional explorer completed the miracle.This in itself proves Xuan Zang is with a stubborn determination and explorers knight.In fact, no need Xuan Zang is so exhausting, painstakingly to strike a canon.The key is that there is a very loyal Xuan Zang Buddhist, he is Buddhist myself, from the obligation to bring back the classic Buddhist Plains.He shoulders the heavy responsibility in this body, responsibility.This undoubtedly gave him a firm belief, this belief is also where the power of his westbound.So he set off alone in the realm of mind — To Nirvana.  ”The road ahead will be long Come, happiness and earth.”Xuanzang came up with the belief driven, in order to achieve the purpose of why care about the long journey of?Even if it cost them their lives but also how the foot pity.  There are many paths in life can not seem to walk, daunting, but since they put in front of us, and their end and our pursuit of glory, then why not walk it?Let us pursue the courage to add a pair of wings, walking toward the desired direction.Where to go?The road on foot.    Part Four: Road at the foot of (a) at the foot of the road, at the foot of the road.It is a house of gold that is able to heaven, but also to hell, is the crossroads of choice.  (B) the progress of the people along the way, fallen man back on the road, confused people wandering in the crossroads.  Standing on the lawn side of the road, watching the coming and going of pedestrians, young people have mobile packet hurry to leave; there are a couple of pairs of hip-hop laughing away; there is dejected tears crying; there is nothing empty-handed pacing around the road ; there are four weeks old former Big Walk the line..In front of all, I can not really determine who the front row, who is in retreat, the only know – I was the only spectator stage.  The (three) the city’s streets, everyone come and gone.  People are quickly moving towards your direction has been set, the only crossroads, during alternation traffic lights, stop in order to see the pace a little, in order to alleviate the suffering of the foot.Advancing so fast, who can guarantee that this road is the road to happiness.In this era of rapid progress today really will not stop the occasional delay your future.  (D) the times so fast, the road is also progress with the times become more flat.  At the foot of the big cities in the magnificent road are paving the way cement mortar.Crossroads has a guiding signs, no longer wandering, will not be lost, every corner will tell people how to get there.  At every intersection of the city, in order to accelerate the pace of progress, people blurred scenery and marked all around.Thus the first line wandering road, lost.No matter how explicit Crossroads signs, it can not formally indicate the direction to happiness to the people.  (V) the city after a time along the cement road of the city, into the soil of the rural “road”.You will be able to smell the natural fragrance of mud, can taste the natural innocence, everyone with a friendly smile in the front row on the road, they did not like the city people rush, they do not know how to race against time and cherish their own happiness.  People used to walk the city Avenue, should also occasionally walk around country lanes, although the trail there are ups and downs, twists and turns, there is mud splashing on the trousers, but it makes you feel another road landscape, will make you as a butterfly from flower to flower species the dancing stopped and hurried footsteps, will let you when the sun sets, the village brook absolutely beautiful and not too impressed..You will not cross the trail wandering, there will be no cross trail signs, everywhere is not the same scenery, each track has its unusual beauty.  (F) road repair too well, people will lose morale ahead; crossroads signs too perfect, attenuated memories of the late landscape!No road too fast, perhaps because fast, so you lose the beautiful scenery pain; do not take the old road signs tell you, maybe not to the avenue leading to your happy home.Do not always play the audience, that would make you lose time and life.  (Vii) road at the foot, the foot is the way, that is set off the road, but also the way way back.    Part five: good from the heart, from small Yue Yue incident at the foot of the road to help the elderly in the tank, Wenchuan donations were profligate, humanity is reflected most vividly in the absence from the media age, people complaining about the same time themselves become indifferent one.In fact, studies, social system and the environment has a great influence on human behavior, when we are faced with choices like two tigers in fighting heart, who was sent to the London WIL, inappropriate social system tends to grow some of the bad behavior.So, faced with inappropriate social system, whether we can do it?  First of all, we all know the consequences of selfishness that might lead to, are also yearning for beauty in life, but most people just want to stay in mind, verbally say, the actual terms of the action unhelpful, simply do not want to pay for this, fight; just hopes others efforts and sacrifices, after seeing the failure of efforts, they silently comforted myself: “morals originally so” and so on, to obtain inner seek security.But here have to mention, selfish moral attributes that we can accommodate their own selfish, self-interest, but also on this basis through mutual compromise with others, make concessions to each other’s conflict regulation.This means that both sides have to compromise some reasonable request, have something of value to provide a counterpart.And that means that both parties agree on certain basic principles, as the basis for trade between them.And that also involves a problem – in the final analysis, the issue is whether the initiative to make good moves, that you might be selfish subjective, but objectively it has a public service, and to achieve the dynamic between the two balance.For example, when you get stuck exhausted, helpless, you might think about whether they had helped with people like you, and then choose not to complain.In other words, their own seemingly little effort assistance to others, to the other side, it might be timely, after such a good behavior to be gradually increased, it will naturally become a trend, but also will benefit everyone.We seemingly selfless efforts today, but we hope tomorrow can be more openly just enjoy self-interest.  On the other hand, at some point, but we are absolutely not compromise.For example, between democratic and authoritarian control supervision, there can be no compromise.On the basis of fundamental principles or more problems there can be no compromise, life and death, truth and falsehood, rational and irrational.Specifically, that we are aware of civil rights, in particular the illegal infringement of personal liberty of a country life for a large body of corrupt action, are aware of the democratic rule of law can contain it fundamentally, but we did not take action to advance the rule of law and democratic process, even as many people as the late Republic of China, retreat to Mo talk about affairs of state land, and see such as “hitting” to “black playing the” tens of thousands of innocent people to arrest, deprivation of liberty, but it can mentality spectators aloof, as if the matter concerns the same.However, when one day our own is illegal infringement, even innocent prisoner and they will regret their indifference.  Finally, to borrow the words of Aung San Suu Kyi at the end of it, “to ask what time to achieve democracy, then you should first look at what has been done for democracy.”.Each of us lives depends very independent thinking and the ability to remain rational, but rationality is the premise of independence and self-reliance, and to maintain only the ability to play, we will not be the loss of moral standards, principles and objectives insensitive pathetic coward, to go up from the real action of self-improvement, and make due contributions to the improvement of the social system.    Part VI: road at the foot, I have my life choices, and sometimes the choice is constantly slowly grow up.  In life, every choice that bear a heavy responsibility, so before making a decision needs careful consideration, in repeated scrutiny before making a decision.Life, from start to finish, the test on the road is also an option, and choose to stay away love and hate choices, which are also like my friends say the same ages.Each idea will have a huge impact on later life, especially in the little time youth.When I pack up all of Streams, set foot on the train home, the scenery made me understand many things.  This time to go home for me, is a tough challenge and choice.Leave the word was burning me, those contradictions repeat sting had scarred heart.A choice, it took two years to really make choose to take effect, it figures it is owed some youth.Looking at the laptop youth, in the face of the harsh reality after turn after more consideration, he determined to leave.  In Shenzhen in recent years, have seen many ups and downs, it has witnessed the blood and tears of the way I grew up.I put the youth’s body buried in it.In the years of big city life, seen people want to do, all the good and bad memories, each section really is like the plot of the script, there are ups and downs caused by.  Remember when early to Shenzhen, young, innocent face was completely discredited after the arrival of the month.From a Huangmaoyatou do not understand anything, all of a sudden become savvy and meticulous, we can say this is the empirical reality brings, it can be said attachment of years away and always white.But, nevertheless, I still chose to stay, and then a change of direction departure.I know, do not hurt the heart is not mature, no tears flee brighter eyes will not.  Come from the bustling shopping malls boring factory, social work is still shallow, I face so many unruly customers, there is no ability to respond to their discerning.At that time, I did not give up, in fact, was the courage to give up, it is not willing.I chose to slowly groping in the twilight of the road, in order to achieve full sentence, “If you choose, you can not give up.”.I really do, but my choice is not for me, naturally I did not achieve ideal results.  Later, by chance chose not thought about work, it may be the fate let me stay for more than three years.During these three years, I gradually came to understand that the so-called wind and rain, but the weather in an appearance, is a slice of life, night and day are also only a supporting role Bale.The original taste of life, in fact, the original flavors, nor how they change from their cases.Thus, laughter and tears, it seems stable and bumpy day hold more than three years of my youth.  Alternatively, in fact, have to do what, not too much to ask themselves the pursuit of perfection.Some look defect choice, in fact, one can choose to lay a good foundation for the next.This time I was determined cruel, first of all to consider is whether they can continue to fit this option, then the next step is whether the bottom has been finally gone, hold nostalgia.I figured, because the heart is tired, there is some people tired, so he chose to leave, do not say goodbye.  Go, go home with a heavy luggage.Turned and waved his hand, watching the city gradually become a vague point, the original heart has not tolerate a lot of sadness, but silent bow, we do not say goodbye.I can not say goodbye, even if the next time, I had not my day.Course of life, did not choose to leave the station, there will be selected the next stop.