The fish head how do you teach authentic Hunan practice

9.Steamer into the water to boil, add the head, fire steaming for 10 minutes, 5 minutes turn off the heat and simmer 10.Remove the head, sprinkle chives 11.Injecting another pot fry oil, Heat 12.The hot Youlin can chub and efficacy of medicine that on the head, silver carp have steady and cold, with deficiency of nutrition skin effect。 Be attending stomach pain, bloating, cough and cold, dry skin embolism。
Silver carp eat can ease stomach pain, fish are rich in protein, two and therefore also promote mental development, lower cholesterol and blood viscosity, prevention of cardiovascular disease。
Chub rich in quality protein and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, is easily absorbed by the body and the use of a tonic share; chub contained abundant glial proteins can skin beauty; chub temperature in qi, stomach, spleen and stomach Deficiency, spleen loose stools, spleen milk less ideal food; silver carp are rich in high quality protein and vitamin E, can Ze skin, black hair, skincare, rough skin, hair altogether easy to fall off and so have a good effect of edible, nourish the skin of women to share。 The carp fish head how to do the cutting process, the fish flesh is fine, short fibers, easily broken, when the cut fish skin down, the oblique edge, preferably along the bones, and more cleanly cut up ; 2, mucus layer of fish skin is very slippery, so it is not easy to cut, when cutting the fish when the hand on the salt water soak for a while, it will not slip cut。