Atriplex string

Walking in memory of the alley, all so familiar, so intimate!Everything seems like yesterday!  Playing the ball on the stained quartzite marks still, small paper airplane vaguely docked in the branches, corn stalks made machine gun leaning against the wall quietly.Green willow leaves woven straw hat, decorated with a few Eau Chrysanthemum, still shaken that period of time.Still rolling round hoop, swing between acacia trees, dragonflies parked on top of it?  Village that several strains of the old elm, quietly standing in the stream, although some Cangsang, still melancholy gray.Every ring, hidden in a story; each one leaves, are a song.  When people’s obsession peach fragrance, bright cherry, magnolia elegant, gorgeous spring, color and aroma and clutter.Dongfeng Fit, Atriplex inadvertently demonstrated in the branches of a tree branch twigs, a string, a whirring.Light green flowers, like gold coins, drooping in the foliage, as if only just wind chimes, shaking in the wind, both free and easy, and elegant.  Tempts, bold, regardless of adult snapped, afraid branches torn clothes, climbed on the tree, picking off several strings, fresh taste.Timid quickly grasp the root of long bamboo pole, a bent hook quickly with iron, tear down string Atriplex.With Atriplex after another fall, small partners surrounded them, causing laughter in one place.  Atriplex to pick, wash, drain, grab a handful in his mouth, either natural fragrance slide between lips and teeth, the feeling is still stuck in my memory.Atriplex, that’s the best that’s my natural snacks.  Run through several layers of rain, Atriplex gradually become slightly yellowish in white, then to the maturity of.A slight breeze blowing over, gold medals Atriplex yo raised, the wind limp walk.The sky really spread money!Open hands, catch this little elf, cupped tenderness of life fibrillation.  Atriplex each one is a life, a continuation of the green.Patches of Atriplex, Shan and then falling in the clear stream, with wave-by-stream, to find the new world, creating an oasis of life of the party.We do it not a little Atriplex?  Atriplex string, strung how many memories, how many innocent.  During that want to come back more than Aroma years, picking up those initial laughter left behind!