Auditory hallucinations

Part One: auditory hallucinations opened the window, moonlight, flowing in the sky, and people seemed to be touched, splashing full Seiki.From the dark depths of the wind blowing, coerced unique school next big milk factory Yang decadent taste, like blowing from prehistoric end, disperses, mixing into a confused dream in my limited encountered in – – people or things are in fact a step by step into the puzzle began to slowly clear after dawn.If some of the things involved too voluminous details but easily forgotten.At the beginning of traces of the day, from a disillusionment he found another disillusionment, I saw the gap, such as fry generally purity and hope.It seems to really have to admit that the desire to carry the world, entangled with each other, eventually become history, hehe.Yunjuanyunshu Dankan difficult to do safely, like a trek of sparrows fall from the sky, the road has become mute, who always say, is wandering home?Oh, to stay in the shadow of the past, such as the sun and be swallowed, clever slip through your fingers, gone is gone.  I miss playing the stigma, frightened lost in the mail process, become frightened stand straw.Hoping to go all the way, these days have been very calm, previously seemed reluctant to grow up, fantasy fantasy.Inadvertently found, had to admit, flowery Shaohua, has contaminated weathered the years.Who linger in the dream of paradise, was anxious, confused.It was once like a fantasy hero as Jin Yong, executive sword wine, beyond the Great Wall from the moon to the bridges, rivers and lakes from the south to the desolate Gobi, writing sloppily frivolous.gosh.Oh, I had written, just Songling was kind enough to say that we are not after Debating, ha ha.After that I think I know the way how to go, huh, huh.Treat the family, seems to have been overlooked before, admire Yang Xin, often call home.Treat a friend, take good care of yourself.amount…Here he wrote articles on two: a long absence, auditory hallucinations, drizzling morning, a slight hint of moisture in the cold.Open all the windows, calling for fresh air.  Rain, wiper leisurely clean the line of sight, the radio content pretentious and meaningless, it arouses irritability, so for the CD, clear voice waft leisurely rise, as a wisp of smoke curl transpiration, the entire body gradually filled with creepy melody that trembling deep into the skin, with the breath Qinru chest, sink into the deepest corners of that, some of dusty debris, blowing gently, with the breath was moved to dance, so time and space outside, everything solidification.  A can not express the mood gradually so clearly in the air, it intensified with the collapse of the cold body of.Sporadic rain outside the car, the car sadness spread.Like being in nothingness, the flow of people walking around, very quiet.Car laden with emotion, stubbornly facing the rain before the line, as if chasing the dying of the rainbow, to uphold bolted; if walking out of time, not this time, not in the future.  Turn on the computer, listening to the current world slowly spinning open window, then search again a fascinating music, beck and call, as if to show thin wings, gently tap the rhythm, so that the air will dance, heart tandem the dance, immerse unlimited, unlimited intoxicated.The voice penetrating the skin directly to the heart, the soul almost dry, little by little, gradually awakened by the sound that is attached to life, so blood and air have the same rhythm, the pulse exiled freedom inspired by the notes, any surging, magnificent.  One kind of play word games, racking up a game discretion.  Go into a difficult, more difficult to come out of the game.  Clinging to update and delete the cycle.  June wind still retains the fragrance in May, a touch of summer floating reverie.  Trapped in the body in the soul, thinking of the sky above.