August countryside

Part One: countryside flashed on time August to August, the poem “The Book of Songs.Guofeng.Bin “” Meteors in July, September granted clothing “describes a July from June, the hottest temperature starts to drop, it is already to early autumn.But I do not know the rotation of the Earth or we destroy the Earth itself, so that now the environment has become more severe, in August became the hottest weather.  More this time, the more I think of my village in August, I think of the mountains and countryside scenery, think of mountain villages and my parents.  My parents in August in hard labor, land facing the village, they are so persistent, so worrying about, as the same for their children.Barefoot child I came to the edge, looked at his mother with a hard-working hands to work in the fields, watering seedlings with sweat, tenderly touched the vegetables, grain, my heart does not know what language to describe the mother praise.My mother is a set of good, hard-working, caring, affection, in one of the great mother.  Many types of vegetable fields, there cowpea, eggplant, pumpkin, gourd, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, etc., as well as the fields of food crops, such as corn, rice, mung bean, sorghum, peanuts, rapeseed, etc..Looking at the red and green vegetables, watching the beloved food crops, I do not know how much sweat with his mother spent much effort to cultivate to manage.Where have the weeds, the mother pulled out one by one, by hand, carefully day by day care.  I’m hungry, I pillow in her mother’s arms, a suck suck a little milk mother, mother touched with a hand on my head and see sun in the sky, the time is near noon.Mother was busy home and started doing lunch.Mother nature and ultimately, your own masterpiece.Those vegetables in the mother gently waving a kitchen knife into the strip into a block into a delicacy, become green with no pesticides.We ate a few brothers is a hand-made food the mother, the mother’s cries grew up in trouble in.  Father most concerned about is their own rice, he walks a field a field and saw paddy fields with weeds and weeds, he rolled up trousers down to the fields, pulled weeds and weed.Those paddy in the sun the next day turned into a golden green, and capsules of rice that is a string of gold, gave his father one kind of labor reward and comfort.Another 10 days of rice can be harvested, and his father a man murmuring.  August summer sky as if, like, for a moment the sky clouded over, while the storm, comes and goes fast.Wind swept through the village, those food crops and vegetables to stagger under the winds of attacks, especially in the fields of rice are disorganized wind blowing, you can not find the end-time harvest, grain will sprout over time, rotten.Village houses trees were horrendous storm struck, the tiles ringing dripping rain, rain from small to big, from weak to strong, and finally embrace to pieces in airtight storm.Those grain drying dam was rushed into the rain gutter, washed away the pain and sorrow of the heart the parents, their hard grain harvest swept away by the wind, how sad it is not?  In a few hours, the clouds dispersed, the sky appeared the sun, mountain people who came to his beloved fields to see the loss of crops, trees and houses to see if the wind is damaged.Villagers goes old head fell when, as if the clouds of heaven.Good day to say it rains, it rains, say the sun out of the sun, as if a three year old child, it really moody!  The sun came out, I followed my father came to the edge of the field, carrying the fight to help his father and block seats, to the fields to harvest rice.My father learned to cut millet action, the knife knife cut, sometimes stretch waist look lazy.My father said, fine baby no waist, where’s the back pain?Quickly cut Millet.I had nodded.  The rice fields of frogs, dragonflies, butterflies, Tanabe Chaner were on the trees, are in constant swirling and jumping, are constantly singing, as if playing a pastoral fields for us, then earned a leaching Li River , so loud melodious, so let me longing for the blue sky, longing for a better life.  Rice finished a father, was sitting on a bucket rest mixed gas, that large drops of perspiration dripping straight into paddy fields, then I feel as a village farmer father is so hard, this is a hard city people forever also can not understand.Sun shines in his father’s face, as if to his face coated with a layer of gold, his father seems to have become a painting, a statue.Father lug a load full of rice, a full 200 pounds heavier on his way home.I followed behind an fart father, listening to chant the sound of his crying, and how I want to be a breeze, brushed the sweat from his face, leaving his steady pace, drive increased sharply.How I helped my father wanted to pick some distance, but my lack of effort, people do not grow taller, only silently cheer for his father in his heart, let my father have enough strength and confidence to pick the rice home..I am marching roadside grass, Cacalia Hu grass, grass horse, the dog’s tail grass, foot itch, rain on the grass has not completely dried sun, my hand touch, a soft rain is crisp as , comfortable, as if to cool my heart.Then the mother in the pond in vegetables, fish jump sometimes surfaced, take a look at the sunset, look at the scenery in the mountain village sunset.A lotus pond, Tingtingyuli, as if dancing in Lotus Fairy.Dragonflies, frogs chirping, like a poet’s words leap off the paper.  The village was surrounded sunset.Smoke rising, cattle and sheep singing cheerful pastoral home field.The villagers sat Yuanba talk that a sudden rainstorm, on rice, the crops, the destruction of homes.”Who is the greatest?The maximum day.To-day you eat, you will be able to bumper grain harvest, the day will not let you eat, you then have the ability to does not help, this is the law of nature.”My father is such a treat countryside – August.    Part II: August countryside Lara suddenly a burst of showers to highlight its rural north in August right again immersed in the cool and moist.  Northern, rural August is hot and dry, and farmers sweat like doing all kinds of manual labor in the fields, kitchen courtyard.However, some of the early years of the village is not the case, especially ground rain.Early in the morning, some sultry heat and moisture surge, taking advantage of the sinister sun has not yet climbed the trees, along the rugged farm road, crooked than a man sprang into the first half of the corn, not enough time to hoe on several strains of grass , Manjuan clouds from the far north-west of Shan Hu tsunami bolted from.Some go home to pack his tools, took only five steps, great big rain will beep to pound you in Bala.Ah plump corn leaves, fresh green willow ah, there are those who still indulge in dreams of Yang Ye ah, then the tremors in the sound of rain, bear-like fireworks northern rain baptism.  Rural, large and small ponds August is the most fascinating fantasy.Pond, rural memories of the years.Rain too, full of sparkling pool, surrounded by shady willow branches bow to the water, and fell steadily to draw the sweetness of water.A wide variety of fish floating in the water, playing Sha chatter.Those humid summer air feel oppressed long frog, muster cheek, playing a beautiful melody Jiangbei, wow, wow, wow wow wow.Loudly, twice, all the frogs and Ming, the world forgetting, between grass, under the trees, and instantly became the music of the ocean all.  At this time also belongs to the most popular kids who like to swim.Seven years old, too young, adults generally do not trust you jump into the ocean like a pond, you only stand and watch in envy.Late teens, too old, not stripped naked light to diving, next to those of her mother, just after door neighbor’s wife, will say you ashamed.Aged 14 to 15 the age for village ponds, that is best of.Stops rain, flying ponds, stripped naked, do start operation, and then made to run power, Teng is heard, volley, then gently, as used large water falls like fish in water and III minutes later, the water from far offshore drill head.Look around the pond has long been a joy.  Fish favorite summer countryside.Grass carp ah, ah grass carp ah, ah carp, as well as catfish, once in the rainy season, large and small ditches, square fields they became happy paradise.Filled the rain has just passed, grassy ditch ditch ditch will be flowing throughout the collection comes from the water, the fish are eager for those already quietly ran from the pond, regardless of whether the fish host family anxious chagrin, Xiantao out free some say.These fish have no master, everyone can catch the.So, ah, you see, this time of ditches, corn, sweet potato, the inter beans, a better place to have the kids figure.They hold a diverse range of string bag, chasing the fish jump, after the rain rural, laughter everywhere.  August countryside, Liu Yin Zade, Salvinia Qinxiang, green is the summer resort.After lunch, take Zhang mat, find a quiet place, find a leafy tree, rolled out mats, to the top of a lie, drink the best wine a little drunk, so you can leisurely tour zai sink into sweet dreamland.Of course, as long as you feel good, you can also read some books one way or another, you can also listen to far and near, between high and low branches, grass nest upload the sound of cicadas.Cicada is the northern summer most unique musicians than playing on those Diocese dance song, cicadas will let you produce feelings of homesickness and countless fantasy.Sauna nets fact, far not only these.As long as you like, after lunch, you can also transition to the next step acacia trees by the pond.There has already gathered a lot of chess enthusiasts, not elegant chess, chess ordinary one, and perhaps some better rags.A circle around good people, they play chess, ten command, say, looked around to perform chess, the other God given clear air.A will to crack landslides, tsunami Scream; for a calm, peace and harmony: this was a move only under fun, innocent.Pond, some alive and kicking long climb back buffalo child, the name of whistle showing off their water skills it!  Summer countryside, is romantic and sentimental season.Tianyi dusk, you have to run to the bench early drop-strip village in the spacious yard, where is there a movie or a play to be staged.Accounting for a place to listen to opera, it is the custom of early village.Kind of drama, variety in the north of the village, clapper, Liuqin, opera, everything.Some storyteller, a shade off the tee gong, storyteller will open voice with broken gong-like tone, speak to a wide variety of play, God can pick the stars, sea turtle can catch crabs.Yue Fei, Legend, is their forte.Listen to the book is a wonderful thing, interest will you let them go.Talking, already hit a three-shift drums, storyteller that deliberately sell a flaw, an abrupt end at the most critical point.People do not want to listen to the book, have to come back for some does not work, then come back for some of this, look at getting dawn, storytellers, and people listening to books is unpleasant, but bitterly to leave it, the hope and the wonderful wait until tomorrow night.Now think about it, then it can be fun ah!  Erhu and the suona is the most tragic northern village of two instruments, and often those players and life experience ups and downs of the juggler.They put their experience and pathos of life frustration into tune, and therefore, those playing out of tune both melodious pathos, and full of strong shocking.A show down, soul-stirring player, Wuwuyanyan; listen to the song’s sad desolately sad, tearful; especially in the village of big girl small daughter, sorrowful recollections, sudden and devastating affair.Acting by Powell left, she ran heels, then his loving wish, then, perhaps the achievements of a loving couple, but most ended in tragedy.  Earlier, country without that music, watching movies or listening to opera became the most poetic rhythm of life.Figure a happy little children, looking for partners on a group of small, village eight miles channeling watching the same movie does not feel boring.In fact, that half the fun of the movie, the other half is nothing in the summer can be a lot of fun.Your old?Only willing to look at those movies and theater-related, sometimes seen with relish, bored.A “Mu Guiying command”, will also be staged in several villages to see the dawn, still no one to leave, then the smiling old man also said he is also addicted.The most amazing is that those teenagers, boy and pretty girl, taking advantage of this point to watch movies or listen to opera in the name of romance ran.Haystack side yard, on the trail outside the village, secluded at the edge of the pond, all their footprints.Summer is over, the marriage will become, the two find a middleman Yue He.Laugh, love, marriage countryside so it was done, you do not say wonderful wonderful?  In August the country, especially the north, a song never Changbu Wan.In August, a Zuimeng season; countryside, is a recollection of the years.No matter go away, memories of the countryside is always a heart of love song.