August hawthorn berries Shanzhen

REVIEW wood through April and May blossom.Its many branches, the more open flowers, like wisteria.Then you enter the forest, far from able to see mesenchymal luxuriantly hanging fuchsia bouquets, wreaths decorated like a string between emerald, flowers, brightly school.  Vegetation ups and downs, the change of seasons, nature, like an inexhaustible treasure, generous dedication to the abundance of property to the people.    After breeding spring and summer growth, into the fall, all kinds of berries among the mountains, then gradually matured.Sayings home saying: “peaches July August hawthorn, chestnut hair laughingly September.”Then the peaches, then talk about August quince.    August quince, if only literally, that it is ripe hawthorn in August, then you make mistakes too literally lookout.That is heard as “costume” This name, you can not think that is the same as Tang’s clothes.Hawthorn also mature between August and September, to make it as raw food is “lover”, sweet and sour and refreshing, stomach and digestion, suitable for all ages.This is all familiar, I do not need rap.I want to introduce August quince, but another mountain fruit.    People are so called home, if indeed its name?I quite doubt.A data check, really have this fruit is the fruit of Akebia.Akebia, this perennial shrub wrapped, wood, wild, prolific in Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and other places Dabie Mountain area, and my hometown in the hinterland of the Dabie Mountains.    Akebia, perhaps many people do not understand it.But in the home side ditch, dam side, between the jungle, from time to time to see its shadow.Like other vine, like, this thing has a dependence on the attachment seems to be a kind of a natural tendency.When the object reach the stem of the plant, they prostrate, affixed to the forward humility.At intervals, extending to the root of the thick, firmly grasp the soil, a firm foothold, and then extending forwardly.Like climbing, every step left a solid footprint.Little finger thick vines, you’ll never pull it easily.Etc. attached to the trunk, they would themselves, on the edge of the wood and, marching shoulder foliage, one breath to climb to the top of a tall tree.Tree how high, how high they can climb.Seeing no branches to follow, and they will be horizontal development, maneuvers on the crown, flourishing.They finally embrace the blue sky, the sun kissed.    After a frost, scorching the wood through the dense foliage, and soon will fade in the autumn.Bare rattan, vein-like winds through the branches of the tree, looked lonely long dream, just waiting for the coming year Jingzhe thunder awakened them.”Do not believe spring Blowing”.After spring comes, bathed Springfield, absorbing enough of the rain, old branches pumping new green blossoms.Soon, tender green branches eruption of clusters of new leaves.They petiole slim, smooth thirty-five lug on each leaf edged.The leaves are oval or elliptical, like the open palm.Countless “palm” phase, intersection, Mimicengceng, Emerald green shop, propped Kingston canopy on the trees, patches of habitat fall Irene.Not in the shadows, was rather “cross Ke on shelter, still faint in the day” feeling, when the shade is hard summer farming farmer rest.    Akebia April and May blossom.Its many branches, the more open flowers, like wisteria.Then you enter the forest, far from able to see mesenchymal luxuriantly hanging fuchsia bouquets, wreaths decorated like a string between emerald, flowers, brightly school.Akebia flowers hermaphrodite, there are other colors.Male flowers purple, long upper inflorescence, flowers dense, spike-like form; red female, born base, only one each of twelve.    After the flowers fade, they degenerate into pistil Sentimental young fruit.At first only a big thumb, like lentil seeds, like emerald Yuzhuo into ornaments, this is the prototype of August quince.They are hidden among the dense foliage turns, do not look hard to find.August quince So long dark submerged AIDS in the sun and rain, silently move to maturity.The seventh lunar month, the fruit will be a long stereotypes.At this time, as long as the wind blows, among emerald waves rippled blue leaves, you will find, in twos and threes August quince, swinging on a slender stalk.On each stalk bears fruit ranging from the number of different sizes, different forms.Only a few, and more thirty-four.Some Zhuangruo and a half months, and some just like the kidneys, and some generally cylindrical.Large thicker than a banana, a small hand grip, no gain.Then in August quince, although the body does not change, but from mature too early, skin and flesh seamless, even if you forcibly separated from their flesh and blood, blunt harder and harder flesh bitter, unbearable death food.N should be a sentence: “impatient not eat hot tofu”.To enjoy the taste of sweet quince August, you have to have enough patience.    Hometown people give “quince” This unique meaning of the word, there is “split, slit open,” meaning.August quince, meaning that if the mountain will split in August to come, this is just a sign of maturity of fruit.Indeed, this time to the festival, August quince peel split slowly along the ventral suture hole bigger and bigger, like a mussel shell-like opening, there will be snow-white flesh exposed.    Mature August quince, peel the blue becomes brown, deep purple or green tint.Leathery, thick, soft.White bleeding in the inner wall of purple, the color some ambiguous.Pulp almost cylindrical, somewhat like the banana, creamy, white, translucent, so black seed clouds inside looming.With the maturity of deepening flesh slowly softening.When the peel just cracked, flesh too sweet, but somewhat dry.Until housing is completely open, ripping come, a rich sweet flavor, nostrils.Eat one, you Needless to chew, just gently Minzui, immediately overtaken by flesh mouthful of honey, is that special pure sweet, could have been seeped into my heart go, spontaneously reminiscent of Yang Shuo “litchi honey” in sentence: you will feel life is too sweet!In fact, in August quince seed less meat and more, to play a roll in your mouth, leaving a mouthful of seeds as.Eat it, just enjoy the sweet taste of it.After eating, speak, fragrance-filled, full of fluid, can not help but lick mouth raspberry, something more to say.    August quince, by the constraints of the environment for the growth, development and other efforts, “kept in purdah did not know.”.It is like a hermit, like, deep in the secluded place, little known.In recent years, the legendary August quince fight cancer, medicine traders who raise prices, big acquisitions.For a time in August quince worth double, became goods in short supply.See profitable, a season to mature in August quince, mountain people almost out in force, rush, one after another into the mountains picking.As long as there are places of August quince, everyone has become a “mop-up” of the battlefield.August quince generally climb high trees, difficult to pick.When out of reach, even people with felled trees with vine.After people go, damaged leaves, the Commission abandoned one place, mess everywhere.Fortunately, Akebia this hardy plant, after the catastrophe, the next year, it still flourish, bear fruit.