August Osmanthus Everywhere

In October, Tan Kwai fragrance.      The city, the sweet-scented osmanthus roadside street, is used to smelling the flowers.The countryside between the mountains, the fields of sweet-scented osmanthus, is kind to sell to make money, the farmers sell laurel, sweet-scented osmanthus sell, earn a little money to subsidize life.      Fifth day of National Day, to bring her daughter, came back down to help pick flowers.Dad dark mountain flowers early in the morning until ten o’clock we lounged home, he has been down from the hills.After lunch, take a break, Dad and picked up Amoy basket with snakeskin bag, the mountains fighting alone.Daughter and other work done, we can not wait to follow father’s footsteps up to the mountains.      Mountain laurel is everywhere, trees, sweet-scented osmanthus is Thriving.Walking in the yellow green leaves, that faint fragrance, everywhere, all-pervasive.That faint fragrance gently into the nose, wandering heart, flows through every vein, every cell infiltrate every pore and felt God Anna Kuang.Dad was what we call a piece of flowers on the mountain “on the Mountain” in the.The “barren” Actually no shortage, neat terraces, winding trails edge, crowded crowded pay to pay land planted with trees, large and small.Is tall laurel, half the height of a tea tree, knee-length is Fatsia, just the space of a ridge mountain ridge to the extreme use.This allows the main road used to go no way of offal daughter, stopped many times hesitant, I do not know in front of Way.”Hand to fend off the branches, bent drilled go!”This is my little experience playing ah.In fact, the trees grew used to drill me in the face in front of this dense trees, but also the heart of a trace Qieyi.      While mining osmanthus, incidentally, to trim laurel, you have to master a certain know-how.Laurel like long branches, a separation of the branches can often be three to five Yaya.We want to pick two looks the most thick correct “positive head” keep, stripped the branches of a blossoming flowers, fall hanging around the neck of Amoy basket in the many branches in.Remaining “over the head” branches, it will only be in addition to breaking the fate of being left Qingwo head, right hand picked over head gently against the direction it grows a tear, I head on down, into the wash basket , take home, and then slowly peel a blossoming flower.Dad climbed the top of the sweet-scented osmanthus high stool mining laurel, my daughter and I squatted on the ground at low mining.Mountains, quiet, except for the voices of our great-grandfather of three, in addition to the sound of chirping birds crisp, when the wind is gently blowing the leaves rustling.Oh, a scene with my childhood memories, opposite.      Childhood, sweet-scented osmanthus taken each year, but the team an event.Day does not shine, all strong labor are on the mountain to open “early work” of the.So this mountain, a human voice with people, people while mining osmanthus, his mouth laughing chat, that the voice of parents in short, separated by a few miles can hear.Day dawn, old people started back up the hill back to the bag full bag full of sweet-scented osmanthus branches, the team’s collective barn, a queen already laid out waiting with plaque, laurel branches poured into a large plaque, piled like hills, children and senior citizens osmanthus plaque sitting on the edge stripping.At night, the lights in the barn, the whole village out in force, everybody sitting around in next to the large plaque, with hands peeling sweet-scented osmanthus, a complete stripping a plaque plaque again, all day and all-day mining under Guizhi to be processed.After a hard day adults, has long been exhausted, and then open the “night work” was a bit too much, screaming during the day at this time has become a whisper.And the children but to the spirit, bay leaf over the floor of the barn has become a paradise for their play, they’re crazy in the music with bay leaf pile, dived won the laurel leaf “diffusing” learning moments, full of puppies to roll, and buried moments, bay leaf pile loaded ghosts scary moments, but also to hide in the crowd drilled beneath the plaque to play hide and seek., Fun.      Later, land tenure, and each adopted various own flowers, no longer lively.My family little hand, every bloom, always inviting Guangfu aunt, uncle, attached Xiangbang few days, every time my mother will honor the good food wine.      Today, bustling past become a memory.Mountain, laurel bloom still lively, but very few people flowers.Previously, a lot of sweet-scented osmanthus can increase income for farmers, but now, skyrocketing prices kept, sweet-scented osmanthus talks about selling the cheap, three pound, five per pound are common.Last year, with foreign buyers to join, sweet-scented osmanthus finally looked forward to good prices, sold a pound spent eleven, binary, but did not last long, they used “sulfur” smoked sweet-scented osmanthus, almost smashed our natural osmanthus good reputation.This year, foreign buyers were turned away, the acquisition of several local priorities and monopolize the market, it will re-flower price hovering in the low, the highest also sold in six yuan.Low price leaving growers dilemma, mining it, painstaking but earn a little money, do not adopt it, watching the garden trees osmanthus Heart unfortunately in vain landing.      Today morning, Dad flowers alone, then peel back flower, remove the flower of dead branches, Egeria, was sent to collection stations sold for 27 yuan.Afternoon, I accompanied father and daughter mountain flowers together, stripping down to spend more than three, 3 pounds 6 two osmanthus sell 18 yuan.Upon her thin hands of a few notes, father to me, eloquently said: “You see, hard day, a few sweaty body, sold for 45 copper-tin.Tell me, this bill is willing to use ah?”Oh, this is clearly the father’s hard-earned money which!      Osmanthus flowers intoxicating say, however, the farmer who knows the bitterness behind it!      two?One?On October 5 [Editor: Yi children]