August thoughts

Part One: August Danyue miss a curtain of water in the night dotted with shady, bringing a quiet enchanting, like a beautiful woman, in the faint singing, sitting alone in the empty room, Lin’s “Pipa phrase” slowly sounded, this time dancing eat only leaves, it disturbs the calm of mind, seems to see the moon filled with thoughts, it is clear shadow floating, it was a long night filled with Youmeng.Inadvertently, a full write thoughts heart, such as a ray of moonlight pouring wanton.  In memory, in such a scenario, the mind could not help it emerge out of the shadow of a refined, as if the heart of the lake Dangqi boat, as if the smell fragrant hint, think of the crazy thoughts, eating cold night, but also night dotted with dome, and finally in the “Like a dream” in the sinking, sinking, has been gazing into the bone marrow, presumably think the extreme, can not think of when think, come to realize understand that there are lingering hint of smile, there a hug so worried, maybe in the future can not quit..   In unprovoked always think, we begin some good, your good, your warm, your name Shoulong in the fingers, with a poetic sentence rendered in ink on azure painting, so I know, you really to me well, thank you, my life is full of wonderful, full of poetry, full of color; thank you, I feel warm; thank you, your heart is not barren sea, standing on the other side miss, you move on waved, then, the wind is soft, is light; flowers are fragrant, it was drunk when the shadow overlap, the heart of India is, if knowing each other, without having to ask after the wind.Not knowing who’s somewhere, knew not end wars Kam body, not knowing the enchanting landscape, Allure of color, even very mediocre, so a shallow, a cold woman, always the heart of human goodness never sell ourselves short, like jealously guarding the corner of quiet beauty, Qingchuai ups and downs of life in shallow text, but also in the busy rush of life, even when meet the cash-strapped, stretched quite embarrassment, always wanted to live proud, just a chance meeting, like a fairy tale kingdom girl, do not know whether to wear your favorite red shoes met Prince?As elegant makeup, if you do not know whether Linjiaxiaomei?  Elegant moonlight, again carefully tracing a figure that, if gentle eyes out of the flowers, thoughts jumped out, it is intoxicated feeling, tonight the moon softly, the wind slowly, standing at night, listening to the breeze whispering the thoughts aside, I do not know Jun audible?  Gently glide secluded time will be a feeling deep, maybe life to draw a beautiful arc, off Cecil strands of breeze blowing write down thoughts from afar, laying a gentle moonlight, weaving a beautiful dream, I have, have you.LEISURE often accompanied by vertical listen to the sound of mountain stream.Occasionally, when a man nightlife network, remorse began his momentary caprice, should not be on that special day let emotions of anger, bear with me unreasonable to me is the greatest tolerance, eighteen pavilion both hands, for me is the most moving, and your days together, it seems like a return to the first love feeling, that hot kiss, that dependency gentle, slowly captured a floating heart, like your heart is sweeping the night, all of a sudden between inexplicable thoughts like this, maybe.Maybe.The only thoughts in my heart.  Busy life, there are a lot of people and things can not let go, knowing there are always some can not leave the complex in life, some silhouettes looming, some of the feelings go hand in hand, just miss tonight occupy atrium, sometimes strong, sometimes faint , listening to music slowly flowing, strong thoughts are also scouring music, a touch of haunted, so, thinking faint, faint memories.  A touch of shallow thoughts, flying in silence, so, if only slowly heart still water, leaving the hearts of sincere wishes, bless you from afar peace, blessing all the people healthy and happy!    Part II: August article written thoughts went to the frontier Kenjiro, hope in the first 10 months heavy snow stranded for months received Letter!  In that distant place!  The towering Kunlun, snow-capped peaks.Missing son, whether received greetings from home?North wind Lie Lie August whether to receive care from their parents?  More than seven months away from home, farther and farther, thousands of kilometers away, stretched from home, more and more intermittent contact, the lonely voice, there is no news.  Seven months seems like seven years, long endless.Although you thousands of miles away to a thousand miles away, my mother is still time to time send you letter, although those can be removed Letter months after falling into your hands, but the mother insisted send you miss you.  In August, the hometown scorching sun, high temperatures up to 40 degrees, you can there is snow or cold and windy, snow-covered tip of a small outpost, but not spring ten years, my mother really appreciate the moment.With you on a phone, listening to your ear because of altitude hypoxia and heavy breathing, heart flavors and taste my mother, my mother try to comfort you, more than one hour of long distance calls, you find time to do the laundry at the same time, but also the phone on his trouser pockets, despite the lack of oxygen respiration airflow blown into the microphone or shutdown, for fear of my mother hung up the news, cut off contact, heavy sound wheezes, the mother on the phone that you first heard the laundry nearby distant lonely voice, which in ordinary labor at home, at your place is extremely heavy.You understand, son, regret the choice, vows of youth, in the silence of the border solidified into a beautiful landscape.  Mother and even the heart, a “distant parting” send you to the thousands of miles away, you love home, I sad, a “sake” send on before you walk in the rugged winding mountain road circling.Long sand, blotting out the sun, bumpy journey, lonely desert mountain road, deserted road, to breathe the dust, lost eyes, forgot to when the road, forget the hometown of love, the grass in front of forget, forget the hometown of seasons.You just remember thinking is still stuck in the warmth of home, you say, there are a few dream, is still at home in bed, stretching his arms legs used to it, suddenly foot kicked the wall, wake up, it was found Renzaitaxiang, dream in different places, or the children taste ah, son, you say, just up the hill a few days there is no communication, because homesick, the mountains are so many empty houses, you find one, a cry, crying, and my heart will do you good these, you say, a soldier crying, no do not want the house, because homesick love at home before going to defend the country!  I remember once, before the relief of Alexander, your text message has one, there is attachment to parents, there are heroic man clank oath, leaving only the day, but once again you homesick mood drifted in front of me three days one of the letter, the rain continued to desperately want to catch up before you up the mountain floats your hands, but you only received a letter, so much for your encouragement and care, but ran aground in the thousands of kilometers down the mountain quietly corner, Gone any time, any of the sun and the moon cycle.  Today, again unexpectedly received your call, though ramble chatting at home bit by bit, made my mother feel a kind of tears, speechless, choked, like you, son, send your message also stranded , and so communication open, and her mother’s love will make you feel the first time!Attachment to a thousand miles, that piece of fluttering snowflakes are thousands of miles away than my parents gentle hands stroking your love, soul ties thousands of miles, lonely cold wind pity parents love interest, although there is no green eyes, though the memory of forgotten the flowers of summer, but the wind and rain of green uniforms, are tender and beautiful life!  The towering Kunlun, snow-capped peaks!In August, my thoughts!