Auspicious seed

Words of blessing, on one cotyledon seed to bloom, this is not a myth.  In the beginning, people affectionately call them “magic beans”.  Magic beans, in fact, ordinary seeds, plant seeds and all, like, all in order to germinate and multiply ethnic heritage of its mission.  Magic beans, seeds among the crafts.Seed is ordinary, just like hundreds of millions of people, in most people’s hearts, not their names, however, a seed and then the ordinary, trivial and then, once the name of humanity to art on its cotyledons are carved prints, it becomes fine up in people’s hearts.  It is no longer just an ordinary seed, but an admiration for people of arts and crafts.  With human civilization polished seed, was affectionately known as the “magic beans”, which is their highest honor granted to a human for seed purposes, this honor in full the human pursuit of long-cherished wish of all the good and longing.  I have been through a number of different forms of “magic beans”, not all seeds are suitable to enjoy this winning.  What kind of seed can become a magic beans, and what kind of seed is not suitable for it to become the Beanstalk?  This root is a natural yardstick of traditional cultural values of human.  Blessings, then happiness is Zhu Renshun map, and the blessing is willing to double to more people is a common mental habits, so that the seed dicots exactly coincident with people yearning for a happy state of mind, in order to facilitate admiration, people deliberately choose a large seed head seed dicots, such as: beans, cowpea, etc..  I gave her two birthday gift, two had been carefully pondering broad bean seeds.  Not long ago, I attended a crop seed fairs organized by the province, there was a southern businessmen gave me an exquisite bean seeds.  Obviously, this is not an ordinary bean seed, seed coat smooth, fine, but do not see the slightest trace of deliberate polished, planted row of delicate skin of official script Chinese characters, as if the computer is not carved up, and is born there, it is the line that handsome official script Chinese characters, I could not help eyebrows.  ”safe and happy”.  Nothing exciting four characters, and I’m just a father’s state of mind fit.  After the fair, I’m safe exit of the venue, another picked up a bean seed.  ”Good luck.”Time to leave the provincial capital, I carry the bag in, with only two bean seeds.  I was on the way home the message that the Sichuan earthquake, the way home, my hands clenching that two broad bean seeds, while another heart while talking about the carved in the seed coat of the eight words.  I returned home, the parents and wives and children are safe.  Disaster, at a time of surging road alley in the village, “Wenchuan”, like being buried under the rubble of a child, all my family in a different way calling, talking about his name.  Daughter birthday, I put two bean seeds specially brought back from the provincial capital gave her.  Then in the hands of his daughter, a closer look.  I asked the daughter being looked seeds, plant them where it?  This thought her daughter would say pot on the windowsill, or in front of the garden.  ”Wenchuan.”This is my two year old daughter gave me the answer.”Wenchuan” is the daughter of a word heard most frequently in the most recent period, whether it is on television or the big people talk, let her learn and uttered the word in his subconscious, but, despite their daughter at this time, in this scenario we say “Wenchuan” my heart was deeply touched.  I took it again two broad bean seeds from the hands of her daughter, they buried in wet soil in the garden.  At that moment, I have only one wish: to wake up one morning, first thing you see bean sprouts new life, just as the reconstruction of the affected areas, so that “peace and happiness, good luck” in its nascent blooming cotyledon.  I know, good wishes, blooming in the cotyledon a seed, not a myth.