Autumn article

Part One: Ferries Autumn in an autumn stroll letter tour, stop at the shore of the Yellow River, inadvertently Jingsi sleepwalking general, he went straight into the autumn of fantastic picture.Autumn wind blowing, autumn thick, throbbing blowing autumn that the heart can not help but enjoy the scenery of Health issued Yin heart of the wind, Oh!  Golden autumn leaves, swaying on the shore between the branches, rushing sound, like in the song playing attractive autumn.Autumn cozy, quiet river, clear Bik, flowing slowly, silently.  Mountains lie in front, dignified, calm, relaxed and quietly went flow, gentle, graceful, in the late autumn, the quiet and calm gentle water flow mountain could be so harmonious unity, witnessed this scene, the hearts of secretly amazed.  ”Nowata Unmanned cross,” as the wonderful realm of poetry presented in front of perfect.Distant landscape tightly connected blank and blurred; near, Celestial water, Shuitianyise.At that moment, as if frozen in time, the landscape vegetation have solidified, the solidification Ferries Autumn scenery became a magnificent view of.  Water the United States, in late autumn late autumn sky blue, heart revel in this ancient Watanabe Autumn drunk dyed.”Relaxed and a total length of sky color,” how spectacular!This is among the most youthful mind waves.Throughout the ages, people enjoy the water fall of praise, and likened the beauty of the eyes, “Wink Bcc”, “youthful sparkling” and so forth, the fall of a pool of clear water clear water clear, captivating.  ”The more the past millennium,” the ancient Watanabe, the river flows quietly, flowing through a long long years, experienced the vicissitudes of the Millennium.Sun crossing located within the scenic Shanzhou, Jin Yu is one of the connector Furuwatari.According to legend, the Han Han famous wooden vase had been in the army crossing, the passage eup, five prisoners Wei Bao.Now the sun crossing has become the “Yellow River Tour” of this important pier, visitors can tour the Yellow River boarding.  Ferries sunset beauty, river down the yen.In ancient Watanabe, and standing, watch the wind blowing over the willow lightly across the surface of the water, the taste of that sunset when my heart filled with molten gold ripples moving bursts.Autumn wind blowing, Autumn plume, has been lingering nostalgia of times past, accompanied by this poetic hazy mood, I feel myself into one.  Ferries shore, Autumn exhaustion.I want to skim a Akigusa, cooking a pot of tea, one in the hand, and the boundless beauty of this autumn, enjoy the beauty Ferries.    Part II: Xixia late autumn Autumn September, Yin Yu started falling, autumn winds blow, vegetation withered.Suddenly I want to join the river bank, a physical and mental entertainment, with two or three children invited to join them.  Xixia walk in diameter, stream water surge, the surge volume snow, leaves diffuse water channel, moss gray.Cross-strait confrontation Qingya folded, leaves as fire, smoke Huangcao.Nestling mountain streams, meandering south, not in the rolling hills.  The Hill, are green on the rocks puzzle, the whole body chapped, changtae around, chaos springs drop.Chimney have more leaves, little stony soil.At the moment, Red Ye Zhengsheng, color shades, yellow, orange, Zhu fat, Western red, rouge, everything, different attitude.There were water as daring, there were a single show, there are side by side and dancers, there were embracing dependent, then filling the state whirling feminine.Around the Yellow Dragon, even luxuriant, heavy piles everywhere, from the lakeside has been rushed to the top, a red, surging like haze, like a flame, people do not lapel surging passion.  That water, sweet chilly, crystal clear river sand Lilikeshuo.As a lake, river, waterfall.Lake who is a Bi in the end, sparkling, glowing blue sky and cross-strait Xiufeng, shore species of aquatic weeds attached wave, when fisherman phishing wasteland; for the river who, rushing rapids, snow piled up a thousand wave.Who is waterfall, hanging off shore, vacated down, practicing snow fall, transpiration of water vapor, smoke, fog, such as dust, thunderous roar.Sauna net less than five miles away from the Xixia, there are three large waterfalls: the waterfall flows across the drawbridge has dropped from top of the hill, went straight to the top of the trestle gallery, thrown into a ditch Gok Wan pearl low spatter; before God Yudong, waterfall from cliff flying outside, there is charm Water Curtain Cave; Dehui Bridge, waterfall pouring from the roof, rolled and roared, Zhifu chaos in the gorge rocks, rocks shattered its scales, pieces scattered splashes clouds of spray, Yang Hua catkins carried by the wind.  Gap in the lush vegetation, however, to yellow, with red-based: sumac, boxwood, Reeds, sycamore, oak, peach and apricot and so all the leaves turn yellow, bright and glamorous; pear, persimmon, cherry, leaves, etc. as fire burning; each kind of vine leaves shaking in the air holding a purple; wild chrysanthemum bloom everywhere, it seems like the stars; Huangcao desolately, then far horizon, gives unlimited imagination.  Exposure viewing platform, surrounded surrounded by mountains, such as fog leaves mountains.A pool of clear water sway, waves white contention flow ends, some rolled leaves, formation of numerous color FISH.How good a colorful world!Expect this beauty is scarce, people can not wait to bow down to thank God for the gift of non-stop praise, ornamental.  Watch over, a lot of emotion, with the habitat talk on stone.On the floor pillow clean water, according to the white waves in bridge, talk winding path along the cliff cliff; what language, what laws painting.Twilight feel well, hurry and go party.    Part Three: Autumn impressionistic In two weeks, late autumn will gradually light faded back.Looking out the window with previous autumn no different, or leisurely lighten the branches of trees by a variety of green, yellow, becomes dry.Becomes increasingly lofty sky, no whistle Dove.Sun quietly, slowly, across the wide altitude far, without leaving a trace.Northern autumn, probably like this.  Autumn tour in the city is better rural.Autumn in town, mostly hiding in alleys or park visitors Zada oblique Chek, stuffy scene that will make you a hint of resentment worry Akio.Criss-cross the asphalt road, neat Founder of the box floor, the charm of autumn cut into a faint ray of sadness and despair of those who have been forced to have lost the temperament of red maple leaves drift in Willow also tasted no admiration loss and grief.  Autumn countryside but people crumble to the full.Walking in the wilderness, late autumn is blowing the whole atmosphere.Montreal’s hay, foot up the soft, kind of grow numb feeling from heel gradually immersed limb, then Qinru Heart.Bare land, natural color emerged, people feel the mother’s return to the true.Through the sparse woods, you will see the piece of quiet reclining river, riverside less traveled, the river has also become thin, clear sky like a very Apprehension.Autumn breeze blowing, cool attack on the heart, is the kind of refreshing feeling.  Tranquil autumn, alienation, have to feel the cold of the night was deep penetration.Cool breeze was very hot, when to autumn, Find a shabby shabby homes, point a bowl of oil lamps, drinking a little, a little drunk better, static on a roll of old books, like thousands of their minds, that it is playing with autumn’s Sentiment the best state.Midnight, bit by bit autumn term of melancholy mood infiltration in heavy autumn.At this time, no sleep, wearing bodysuit, out the door, standing on the porch, listen to the sounds of late autumn, own some feeling in their hearts.  In fact, taste the taste of autumn to be middle-aged.At that time, autumn is not just pure autumn autumn, there are all kinds perception of life on the inside.Life is short, such as a tortuous experience clouded trails, those days of tears often accompany the side, joys and sorrows, sad pain, humiliation melancholy, nothing is there.The longer the time, the deeper feelings.Personal sentiment, national identity, often intertwined in the depths of our emotions.Once encountered sad autumn hit, Sekihisa feelings such implication is bound to burst the banks of the river, twinkling chest filled mind, it can not help, the Department of emotion, tears exchanges.  After the ancients Autumn, are mostly gone through ups and downs, frustration, sorrow or suffering, the kind of miserable condition flavor not have the same torments people are playing less than the product.Wandering homesickness, was written overripe Poets theme, is precisely what some of their personal history.To become government officials, trouble making, was banished to Lingnan, it is thick autumn party, friends, hands, own some feelings of sorrow.Lingnan remote, little knowing each other, three or five years, there must be longing.Compared southern autumn, and in the north, one in the state of taste, knowing Poets.  Autumn is the season of poetry.Autumn tour, to be alone.Go out early in the morning, quietly walk in deserted alleys, think of nothing, the pace should slow down, let cool autumn penetrate the heart, the rise overlooking Apprehension sky, then it is a pleasant.When the sun rising, then go back to walking towards the foot of the piece leaves like dancing butterflies, move carefully, do not disturb those frustrated life, it is a feeling of compassion.Go back home, sitting at the table, a glass of milk, a morning newspaper, look through the glass of burglary Autumn, quietly floating down the page tables and chairs placed next to, let the mood to start the day with Autumn autumn good times.  Autumn is the most beautiful in the evening.A flock of flying geese had disappeared, after the dismal sun falling into the mountains, twilight gradually, mountains retreat, between the earth a quiet.The scent of a lot of sitting in a small courtyard, holding a cup of tea, Shen himself hidden in the darkness, just sit quietly and enjoy the quiet of autumn, the quiet autumn, autumn.In fact, the taste is bitter autumn, only those patients had to drink the bitter medicine can truly perceive deep implication of autumn.From the spring to summer and then autumn, and the hardships of life as people, past middle age approaching old age, it is the most wistful and heart palpitations.  The young season, do not always think and read of autumn, it will make you wear out prematurely will and a lot of fun.Autumn means like a glass of wine, only to wait until after all the pain experienced something before they can go slowly goods Run.Autumn taste, not urgent, to calm, to Tian Ran gently into the lip, so that the slightest Autumn gradually moist tongue gently sip, and finally getting into the nirvana.  North autumn, there is an indifferent and quiet charm, leaf and world Zhiqiu, autumn, autumn, autumn, Autumn, this autumn, you are what kind of feelings ah?I would like in your arms, quietly to sleep, do a poem like painting the dream.