Autumn beauty articles

Part One: autumn beauty Time flies, I walked all the way.  Nineteen years ago today, the town drizzly autumn, autumn leaves tumble, such as the language from the people quiet, plaintive.That morning, I harbored feelings of grief, worth reluctantly left the southern town of thirteen years of life, no farewell, really very sad.  Nineteen whole autumn, the vastness of the sea, the beautiful waterfront, bustling city, so I did not alienate the land, how many times dreams of home, how many sweet memories, that slender bamboo mountain, that lush woods that babbling brook, towering mountains.Late summer early autumn Eighteen years later, I came back, went through the old scenery.Day, or as blue, green mountains, or as, or as clean water, still as honest folk.My former classmates get together, have the most precious friendship, good faith between my friend, is the most sincere friend, in this warm friendship less and less, less and less of reality, can not seem to cherish, there is no reason not to to touch, this situation has been in the autumn in for eternity.  Today, nineteen years later, drunk blue sky, occasionally drifting clouds had, such as sea gulls over the shiny silver.Autumn leaves floated down in the clear autumn, is so quiet beauty and joy, there must be a sense of poignant do not, the season is the season, joys and sorrows is the joys and sorrows, the laws of nature can not be changed.  October 6, is always the season of autumn.This is a mature season, the harvest season, full season, magnificent season.  Autumn beauty comes from within, it is only to feel the beauty of the soul.    Part II: Autumn beauty of Nanjing pace of the fall silent, she gently drifting away from your side, without a trace.Until you wake up in the winter to come.  First arrived in Nanjing, which I do not know, actually innocently looking forward to the coming of autumn window.Imagine the sky autumn, when the leaves all over the floor, you can learn about the poet made desolate bleak little emotion, not wishing to actually wait until the end of November and have not seen a trace of autumn.what?Her where to go?  This thing is full bored for a few days, and finally once in the dormitory of the road, all the way to hear people say: Nanjing is no spring and fall.Oh!So this is!  I have students talk about this, they laughed at me so childish.  ”Ugh!No less a part of the autumn poet feelings.Not feeling desolate complacent.”I complained..  ”Why did you not feeling bleak autumn of Italy?”The students seemed very confused.  ”Pik days, yellow leaves, which is more than sad ah!”I explained,” It was just the feelings of people in the upper impose nothing, and nothing autumn, autumn is beautiful in itself.”The students look decent.  ”Autumn is beautiful in itself?”I doubt this time for nightlife.” Yes ah!You see ‘autumn’ word, a fire, a Wo, Wo Yu harvest, fire refers to the prosperous, is it not a happy meaning, the beauty of the harvest it?How dreary would be?”The students said,” That’s how there will be a ‘bleak autumn’, says?”I’m interested in,” That’s not all feel strange doing it?Not the fault of autumn, your happy mood, on a beautiful autumn, mood swings, fall on bleak.”Yes!Akimoto is beautiful, because too many people attach to it desolate, bleak autumn has become!If there is no desolate heart of Italy, facing the autumn futile.  People always rustling against the early evening rustling banana even more sad, in fact, just empathy it, you see the world with tears in their eyes, the things in the world are all unhappy, blame the banana!  If the mind clear spring, even against the leaves Indus, full cabin is a beauty cream.  Suddenly remembered that people often catch-phrase: Autumn is the harvest season!This is how gratifying, how to put on for no reason a ‘troubled’ hat for autumn, too injustice in Qiushi!  Yes!Autumn is beautiful, Nanjing can not fall ah, miss home very suddenly fall, the fall will be more beautiful home right!    Part Three: Autumn beauty hot summer far away, autumn, sections from, like the cool autumn casual autumn, clear sky of autumn and autumn fruits.Autumn is a song, a painting, autumn is a beautiful poem.  And compared to other seasons, spring pace of the fall does not seem charming, and the cool breeze gently singing the sun through the cold thin, elegant come in fine, clear of: fall off in the bath out in the Autumn Moon is like a fairy dust is not stained, and faded ubiquitous kitsch, the Qunshan dressed Xiaoxiang concubine, exude the fragrance of Huang Ju, in the tranquil bamboo inside, but it reveals a demure, reveals ethereal, transparent with a mature and sincere!  In the year, the autumn appears to be so refreshing, so comfortable.She did not brilliant spring, nor summer hot, not cold in winter, but gives the share of romantic sky leaves and a bit of the joy of harvest.  Autumn is the most resistant to ruminate Lonely Sky.So faint However, Youran, quietly away from the dust of, the hustle and bustle of earthly joys and sorrows, no more moving to co-operate.”Xianyunyehe” is a unique portrayal of autumn, autumn clean only between the Sky, that touch of white clouds, abide in a “free” word Ye beauty, such as the youthful Dan, as far Akiyama, can not fathom that a floating Xiao , abide in a “Plaza” word.”Leisure” and “Yi”, is the true nature of autumn.Busy watching Pretrial blossom, outer space with diffuse Yunjuanyunshu!Use of such words to write, but autumn is the most appropriate of the.  The most touching is Tyurin swayed the sunset.That flushed red as drunk, set off a deepening twilight horizon.With clear cool breeze, with the twilight dip, it is a very beautiful tragically beauty, makes you want to stream a few lines of tears recollections of life experience, but that was Shezhu gradually faded red drunk, and would prefer the unrestrained emotion coagulation.  Most people like to watch is the gentle autumn wind blowing leaves, without a little modification, so refreshing and gently brushed gardens, the rustling leaves one after another down, branches and leaves whirling leaves dancing, playing with the sun, the sound of birds language wandering in the jungle, and with a rich fragrance paniculata bursts, so that pores of the body stretch.Looked up at the sky, a lot of cool and bright, white clouds much more than the nadir of this crystal blue, like this, in the eyes of autumn.Autumn misty veil, wearing a demure yet to light, let me fascinated by people like autumn.  In this way, and the rustling of the wind, go look at the field.That touch of yellow field has not been transferred out of the Pied Piper in general covered with ridge between labor figure, flowing clothes that seemed too full of expectations: the blueprint for countless fruit in the spring has been described well, now difference that touch the golden intoxicated.Dai time the midsummer dark green fields, wiping makeup from a prime young girl into a graceful young woman.In the wind blowing, dance charming, sultry want drunk; Zinfandel fragrance, seductive fragrance; colorful, dazzling catches.So sough of the wind, will move on, whether it be mountain ridge outside will be the sea, the pace remains firm, because, to mold a golden ornament good heart ah!  Autumn is show the real colors of nature.Winter white, green-based, although there is no shortage of fresh and elegant monotonous; though summer is colorful, but after all, just a sea of flowers.But only in autumn, ripe fruit, fiery sorghum spike, the earth dyed red, glistening rice, bathed in the golden fields; cotton white petals, merged into a sea of white, then red maple leaves, like Bloodstained Glory..The rich colors of autumn, people aspire, intoxicating.This is the charm of autumn, a broad mind, emotional season.She did not winter cold, the winter there magnanimous; she did not have a hot summer, there is a warm summer.  In fact, the aura of life is not equally as colorful as you like autumn?The river of life is it not a flicker of gorgeous ribbons.In the wilderness of life, burning hot pursuit, flowing blood boiling, full of youthful vigor, the countless magical dream into a glorious picture.Just as the fall of middle-aged life, through the long years of vicissitudes sharpening is gradually enriched, mature.  Autumn is a sweet wine, autumn is magnificent poetry, autumn is touching song.If the sun and the moon cycle of the seasons is the scene of dramatic ups and downs, so the fall is dramatic climax.  Autumn is painted, are clouds, are Liu Xia, is a mature, harvest.Let us praise the fall harvest picture praise, praise this colorful autumn style, cherish this “middle-aged” good old days