Autumn chrysanthemum flowers Xie Fei Yun

[Editor’s note]: secretly faint purple, yellow living in harmony with the rule of the rule.   The Tao hedges color, including the house of the Luo Hong.   When will ban heavy dew, indeed cowardly setting sun.    I would like to pan gold parrot, up Jun INTERACTIVE.  ”Not in favor chrysanthemum flowers, flowers do not spend more.”Daisy, long-term artificial selection by the rare breed of ornamental flowers, also known as Yi Ju, reached more than 1,000 kinds of varieties.Chrysanthemum cuttings for propagation, tiller, grafting and tissue culture methods, is one of the ten famous flowers in China, cultivated in China has 3000 years of history of the.    The ancients plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum flowers collectively the “four gentlemen”, given their deep cultural connotation: Plum unrivaled in early spring, do not dye dust world; orchid pure heart like water, elegant and refined; bamboo tall energetic, articulate there gas; chrysanthemum Lingshuang does not wither, artistically noble, chrysanthemum known as the “flower gentleman” well-deserved.In people’s minds, chrysanthemum is a symbol of good luck, health and longevity.    Autumn, wind the world how beautiful!Waves in the late autumn chill of the wind wrapped with, flowers have begun to zero, through the green leaves have long been under the rain, showing the color of old age in the autumn wind, came from the tree next to the street, gradually falling leaves floating to the top of the head, or even hear the sound of leaves falling in the bustle of the head.Can eyeful of chrysanthemum in the garden in front, potted plants, planted in the ground, colored chrysanthemum, 10,000 kinds of attitude, proudly opened by principal.In full bloom in the cold autumn chrysanthemums let me see the beauty of the season.Come near, the white silk with gold chrysanthemum bud, crystal clear, perfectly clean; golden chrysanthemum elegant gift, golden bright; the purple, yellow, and He-colored, crimson each club featured white makeup-wrapped, clean Royale; red, shiny, passionate; purple is bold and vigorous, dignified and vigorous.There are flowers in green, verdant, really like jasper, in addition to red and yellow, fun to watch.A variety of colors, everything, dizzying, dazzling.Chrysanthemum flowers cluster is blossoming flowers, unique elegance.    Suddenly remembered, when Qingzhao “Zuihua Yin” wrote “Tori wine evening, the subtle fragrance surplus sleeves”, it is melancholy everywhere, from drinking wine at dusk chrysanthemum, even the scent of chrysanthemums have been filled with sleeves Unfortunately, the cold hearts of melancholy taste even than the strong fragrance of chrysanthemum, Alas generation of talented woman, Shangju mood, which can only cover your sleeves alone and lonely in fragrance.Chrysanthemum incense, where she became the most brilliant scars.She wrote numerous works of “yellow”, it is splendid open in the lonely, as her own.    Yong Ju, or hurt or feel or sigh, is the ancient Chinese literati regret Complex.Since the character has become a symbol of Chinese scholars themselves have a soft spot Tao Yuanming Ju, particularly preference, “Chen Huai show this attitude, Zhuo cream under Jay” Chrysanthemum.People chant their color, their posture Chung, Yong Chi poetry, have praise chrysanthemum reigning noble elegant, Aoxue Lingshuang character.How many writers, as if his whole life to this toughness is full of lonely proudly in full bloom among the Elves born.The difference is that the Qingzhao, poet Qu Yuan’s “fall toward the drink Mulan Xi Lu, fallen evening meal Chrysanthemum” to Tao Yuanming ‘under mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain, “as well as the end of Song Zheng Sixiao of the poet” rather sticks head hold incense dead, the north wind ever blew in “all chant the kind of chrysanthemum not Murong Li, Zhicun seclusion, uphold justice, remain willing to praise the spirit of love.    Although chrysanthemum is so small, so humble.It is not as charming peony luxury attitude, but it is beautiful and natural, simple, but also exudes a seductive aroma.It was unknown dedication to the people left a memorable impression.The red chrysanthemum surrounded cluster, like a cloud of burning flame.People place in them, gently touching, watching carefully.Those stem chrysanthemum red, dark green, slightly bent, it seems very vigorous.Of course, the most striking is also the number of its petals, and a few pieces in the backdrop of palm-shaped green leaves, the slightest trace, winding, very beautiful.Slightly drooping petals, like a shy girl,, redness of the face, silent, there is evil mood.    The end of September, according to the seasons seasons, years old to Chongyang, deep autumn thick cream, days of high air is crisp.In the late autumn on the occasion of this chapter, it is already withered flowers, The Story of Qiu Ying Park only, still cling to lock in the clear autumn cold wind, Aoshuang in full bloom.This noble elegant chrysanthemum, add vitality to the earth in late autumn, it is just “not worth a spring of spring”.This dignified Chongyang, at the moment as if the autumn cut open a hole, out of the golden strands of color that is pleasing to the eye delightful, if heart flowers.Hence, the “autumn Who Shaohua main, Consul General of the beautiful and fragrant flowers are daisy,” the poem, chrysanthemum spirit, reincarnation on the land of China for thousands of years, known as the longevity of the flowers, it is also known as Chrysanthemum Chung Yeung Festival.This ancient Double Ninth Festival, is along the way from the Book of Songs, a stroll in the Tang and Song Yun, the Ming and Qing dance in the browser, up to today, passing place, burn a thousand years of time, also witnessed the situation of things.After a washed dark clouds of years, but was given a new meaning to cleverly combine tradition and modernity, the elderly become festival Respect, care of.Double Ninth Festival is part of the outgoing turning sixties relaxed, harmonious connection belongs seventies hand, is the oldest part of the substantial support crutches.    Chung Yeung Festival, like poetry volumes in the autumn that a tasteful scenery.In the long history of civil Chongyang this day, custom Shangju.Autumn air is crisp, Susanna Jing Hua, Man Ting Fang Ying.Right now, when went to Xie Fei Huang Ju, given Autumn harvest of joy, he lit a classic old songs a night in a beautiful night, and nearby friends and family, warm pot of moonlight drinks, holding crab Shangju, drunken sing , passed out in the cold under the Hui, put the idea of a fall.It met in full bloom yellow autumn feelings, those classical impression, like a clear spring, slowly flows into the soul and spirit of the Chinese nation in.Double Ninth Festival, a traditional festival that embodies the ancient culture, folk customs, like a pot of vintage wines, let the Chinese people through the ages have a rich mellow taste.    Ju, from ancient times to open today, has been open in classical poetry, song Fu in.Ju is one of the crown to the “four gentlemen”, is the ancient literati, heroes ink brush, always focussed Yan Zhi idol.Ju elegant noble, that it’s fresh and independent; chrysanthemum beautiful scene lies in its wonderful shape.Chrysanthemum fragrant, very hot youleng.High moral character, not to curry favor elegance, not the crowd, not Zhengchun Mei summer, but a late bloomer, not flashy, to loneliness, a meteoric rise, dare Aoxue Lingshuang.In “When the frost, the most important matter grass Sheng-mao”, which is daisy charm.Because of the unique character of daisy, chrysanthemum become a symbol of vitality.We now turn to read history books, but also the general smell daisy elegant, noble, faint, fragrant.    This eternal chrysanthemum rhyme flow so far, the bones revealed that flower is awe-inspiring and Shen Yi.Autumn breeze, all thoughts about the land being held became fragrant chrysanthemum reverie, looks ordinary, despite wind and rain, among the flowers and the sun and the moon cycle imbued with the vicissitudes of the season.More often than a chrysanthemum flower, but a culture.This elegant chrysanthemum tea is always filled with the spirit of the Chinese nation soak.Soak Shangju’s heart, Aoshuang bucket of cold chrysanthemum unyielding character, has become eternal story, the history of the people who wish to care Chi Ju, daisy neighbors, daisy as a friend, in a daisy-cultivation.Therefore, regardless of the inconstancy of human relationships, Rendanruju has become a belief, a philosophy of life.It is this wind stand chrysanthemums, constitute the soul of autumn, the earth makes it so rich filling.    With effect from autumn, has become the first choice for people eating crabs, Xie Fei of Hong Jin Qiuju While, it is a good time to eat crabs, these years are often a festival near, people will start to play crabs idea, because it tastes too lure people simply irresistible.Crab wash with water clean, and then firmly cotton rope tying, of course, the best way of eating – steamed, strapped to the crab belly up, on the steamer, steam it as long as half an hour, and began making sauces, also especially simple, that is, ginger, sesame oil, soy sauce and vinegar Zhenjiang, and together, because the cold crab, ginger must be, of course, but also to prepare a good wine to enjoy with the.    Finally The yellow, fragrant crab on the table, the family joy, the family has come up with a few bottles of wine although everyone down the full cup, Guzi, as appropriate, with drink good wine, if the male crabs eat, eat and clips legs, and do not forget the dip sauce, taste better, then lifting up the cover, huh, huh, all inside the shell crab, crab because the general public only Lunar October only yellow, saying nine female ten male is the truth.Crab is very particular, to what then, how to eat will not be wasted, but also to prepare really toothpick pliers and other tools, visceral nature is not to eat, especially gill, heart and intestines, crabs really chills part is the heart , hexagonal in the center, we must pay attention.Crab eating crab can be separated from the first intermediate two halves, then pick crab Crab eating food on both sides, do not worry, random avoid waste through a bite, under normal circumstances,.You need to eat a crab at least twenty minutes to half an hour or even longer.And the next drink was tasty, or a more delicious, Crab glowing shiny, Chansi people, the introduction of more coveted, eaten the very cool!Note that in general do not eat dead crabs, is said to eat the produce toxins in the body, can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and so on, but it was also eat dead crabs, do not have any physiological responses, it may still have to depend on the circumstances, psychological factors accounted for a lot, of course, poor health is best not to eat, just in case thing.Autumn wind, not only delicious to eat crabs,, really is a mood, a kind of enjoyment, through the ages, many people indulge them.Like to eat crab is not a minority, had poetry of Li Bai says: “pincers or gold liquid, bad mound Penglai.And shall drink wine, take the high monthly drunk “.As the saying goes: “autumn, the crab legs itch, September October umbilical round tip.”The ‘circle’, ‘sharp’ refers to crab umbilical (bottom), the crabs and crab umbilical showing round and white with stripes, September to eat female crabs, Crab full this time female flesh; October to eat male crab, crab umbilical then was tapered male crab, cream strong enough meat.Is the best way of eating steamed.From after Mid-Autumn Festival, until the end of the year, it is a good time to extend their life I can not miss so delicious.    Chrysanthemum revisit a lot of uses: 1.Hawthorn chrysanthemum tea, Cellulite can be stasis, cool blood pressure, weight light-weight for obesity, hyperlipidemia and hypertension.    2.Three tea, can detoxify for prevention and treatment of common cold, sore throat, sores, etc. carbuncle, dressed in uniforms can be pathogenic fire more, there are utility rather God meditation.    3.Chrysanthemum honey drink, has the effect of Liver eyesight, thirst, pure heart and brain, intestines, etc..A white chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum tea and oolong tea made from the finest, is daily contact with contaminated e-business owners must have a tea.Because this tea has detoxification effect on the hazardous chemical and radioactive substances accumulate in the body, they are resistant to exclude the effect of.Fragrant yellow blooms, Double Ninth blink of an eye, to the age of Chongyang, deep autumn thick cream, days of high air is crisp.In such a solar terms, stroll among the flowers, the mood could not help it poetic, elegant and scattered, products endless daisy charm, endless daisy Liz, untold daisy charm, rendering focusing on positive.In such a good day refreshing, the National Remote Blessing of old friends happy holidays, health and longevity![Editor: easy to get along]