Autumn Cloud

Part one: cloud Autumn cloud Autumn good soft, so beautiful.Such as washing blue sky, floating clouds blossoming white jade.That sky high, very far-reaching, boundless like the deep sea; that low clouds, low enough for your hand to, you can pick a random back.  Autumn sky, and reminds me of Hulun Buir grassland Horqin.  In the prairie, I like riding a horse, along the rolling green hillside, every now and then to catch up with clouds.Like wearing a maroon robe of Mongolia, lying in the grass on the lovely wildflowers, while looking at the sky, listening to high-pitched Shu Wan Mongolian long-tune, alkaline taste of chewing grass.  Days grassland is always blue, so blue, such as washing chilly, blue too, such as Africa, jewel-like crystal clear; the clouds on the prairie, is always white, as white as clouds of soft cotton posted in the air, but also in your flowing head whispered, as if ready to fly down to the same formations as white cotton flock in.  In the prairie, I learned to look herders, waving thin whip, passionately singing the song “in that distant place,” Wang Luo Bin, follow the King of the West and Taiwan writer Sanmao romantic footsteps, very do leisurely grazing ground docile sheep, also gently grazing the sky clouds that line.Night, I drove the “Sahara’s Story”, to see the sky “meteor shower” How to date “Half Moon climb”.I know that it is emotion like clouds floating in the sky.  Now, in the autumn deep city, I found a sense of the prairie.  During the day, Gechuang heaven, the sky was clear.Day, clear water; clouds roll back and forth if idle.Motionless cloud in the blue sky, like a mosaic in the window of a beautiful painting.Really like grasslands have been intoxicated my door sky.  At night, I look on in the courtyard, suddenly I found that the night sky is so beautiful and magical.That piece of white clouds, hanging over his head down low, glowing white in the bright moonlight.Between the cloud and the cloud, behind the dark blue water of the day.The whole sky seems deep mystery, deep more ethereal, more quiet and charming.  Like a cloud of people, you should be filled with fantasy; like autumn blue sky, must have a variety of happy life and a better vision for the future.  I wished we always like prairie sky, clouds and more want that piece of our heads, like always fall, as they are now.    Part II: the fall of the cloud I do not want nothing, just want to stand in the sun bathed and enjoy the autumn has brought me laughter life.Do you hear laughter yet?  — Inscription (a) I’m admire the sky, daydream how to sneak into the clouds, how to use the mind and wisdom of life, feeling empty Ming, a different angle heart warm autumn cloud.I would like to turn into an autumn cloud, accompanied by wind wandering.In the winter, I would like to turn into fervent mist spun the shuttle in the sun every morning.In the spring, I would like to turn into bursts of rain to irrigate all the land of life.In the summer, I would like to turn into a cool piece to the hot cover.In the fall, I will be on its head, high clouds autumn wide, from time to time, changing his posture, to show self.While, graceful, while, lovely, for a while, tulle overlay, maybe this is my autumn cloud.  (B) looking back, the distance clouds.The Hill, the vast land, with the help of the sun, is a totally independent body, so be beautiful!To such a beautiful autumn has brought a lot of poetic.Therefore, also formed a passionate sentimental image of a Road.No wonder many writers and scholars, will have the theme of autumn.From time to time, they brought back many thoughts Wanlv, autumn injury (sentimental).I often dressed in the sauna net colorful costumes, both night and day, this colored clothing, and get everyone to share, never mean.Often when dusk fell, so I just let the sky gradually becomes a red flame.Transpiration horizon suddenly up, a good school to a beautiful sight.So, I have a collection of good intentions memory.Whether it is a sense among the fragrant soil, planting material or wood open, as if to diffuse in quiet clean air, my internal organs of the Qin.  (C) Gradually I came out from overlooking the mirror, freehand very rich.Write down as quickly as possible every time, every moment that want to see the Department, with the stroke of time to depict the autumn, autumn clouds, contour to the United States.  Did you hear the sound of water gurgling yet?Is this water can not cleanse Concerned people do?The line along the river can not find covered with flowers, Quiet blue veins do?