Autumn countless articles

Part one: after Autumn showers endless autumn, cool the hot weather, autumn always give people unlimited reverie.I was sitting in the library looking out the window pattering autumn rain, I could not help think of Bai’s “Everlasting Regret”: peach and plum blossoms spring day, autumn Indus Yela time.Southwest intrauterine multi Akigusa, do not sweep leaves full-order red.  Whether the timing of the change of the years goes by the introduction of recollections, or to no longer saw it past the emotional hang around, bustling and bright autumn spring lonely desolate like a brilliant portrayal of the ups and downs of life.Experienced fame youth, bid farewell to the heyday of prime time, had hastily leisurely nothing exciting, but who can not escape the old weathered withered helpless, at the end of life Whether you choose Yanguoliusheng , chose had no trace of water, a loess cover romantic.After the silence, in the world, after all, is the successor of the world.  Life can have a few degrees in autumn?Through the spring of bright colorful, bright autumn harvest fruitful, then it desolate silence of pro football in my arms.Whether it was, or lost, a burst of autumn sweep, whisk flat shoe marks of life, all with floating leaves and instantly gone with the wind.  In the autumn of the world, I still like to deeply think about the future, indifferent thoughtful life, occasionally due to incessant thoughts sad.    Part II: Autumn endless, smile years is good autumn is getting stronger, lingering rain, smoke condensate to a yo.Autumn night comes, snuff lean exhausted, sleepless lamp.  The mind is not full, unfinished affection, the night is young, Acacia is young, on the invitation duet, every word speechless.  Time has passed, do sigh fleeting, who pity tired worry?  This fall, on Long Yiyi, bypassing Red missing, Fei Liu thousand feet down, looking unhappy sky.  Write grinding the ink, recalling your peerless elegance, headlights wine co-Huan.Fei had to do, think different, they wrote autumn, this deep love, red memo to blur book characters, passionate tired, broken after another Rouchang.  Osamu invasion, Kazamaki curtain curtain.Moonlight white, sit Kiyoaki.Spirits deep invasion, offer dreamer children, but enjoy the lingering past.Just getting old people, only recalling a dream break off.Sauna net since the Wife, as has hills.Add a few strokes, Neilingding plain words, joys and sorrows placed Kiyoaki.  Yi was Spring water, Mouzhong Iraqis provoke worldly.Flowers outside the building wind drunk, flash parting flower splash tears, helpless fragrance from broken, melancholy thousands of back.  Qingchou several times, several times, respectively, but since the spacer across.Air, far away Iraqis language, raised dust, dancing life was passing.  Wangyun like wearing brocade, Meng dash, scars Lian Lian, with a total of pillow tears.Stay too vague, with my sad.  World, demons and monsters, scared people turn, Yula red sun about to rise, stray night, no tipsy eliminate the piano, Review of the occasion, no matter who Africa, despite worry volumes.  ”Why come out feeling was” poor more, flowing east and west.Time little taste, stay too diffuse, westerly cup before Danyue.  I asked the horizon, where Gouliu?Month lock sadness.That should laugh, shallow edge of Wife, only romantic Banke.  Recalling also the spring of the river, provoke the Iraqis worldly.Dipped sum Xiang Lu, exhaustion Pill.Lau à sigh rod alone, smoking the soul monopoly.  How the truth Fu, full moon, autumn-hearted.Star vague, the spare fantastic, the wind tore off the flap.Autumn Hanning thread, with monthly moon.  Zhijian to be concerned about the language, written in fine fingertip temperature, not calm.Obsession deeper, Iraqis further away, to sink in black and white ink.  Red flowing into the space, Gone vast maple leaf.There are divergent natural dreams, fall in Qiuyan; heart robbery past, diffuse over the Si Hong.  Feather fleeting, dust clothes nightmare, daring to look back Xie breeze.Twilight, there are Iraqis with me, deja meet.