Is December 2018 your wedding Ji Yue

There are many people who get married in December. December is usually considered as a lucky month, suitable for marriage. Of course, not everyone is suitable for getting married in December. Everyone looks very busy in December.. So is December 2018 your wedding Ji Yue? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s do a marriage test together.!   Do you think marriage requires a lot of preparation?   A, of course I need B, I should need C, I don’t need D, I’m happy. The test answer is: A, December 2018 is your wedding auspicious month, December 2018 is your wedding Ji Yue, you should cherish this opportunity, your relationship with your partner has been very stable, you and your partner will be very happy when entering the marriage hall this month.. You have already prepared for this December, so you are full of expectation for December..   B, December 2018 You’ve just considered getting married. December 2018 You’ve just considered getting married, so you won’t have time to get married in December. Getting married requires a lot of preparation. December is just the beginning of preparation.. When you see others getting married, you are envious and your feelings are stable enough to be suitable for marriage. In December, you are full of expectations for the future..   C, December 2018 you don’t plan to get married December 2018 you haven’t planned to get married yet, you don’t think the relationship is suitable for marriage, the relationship between you and your partner has not developed to such a degree.. Do you think December is very busy, neither you nor your partner plan to consider life-long events at this time, and do you think it doesn’t matter for another few years.   D, December 2018 You are watching someone else get married December 2018 You are watching someone else get married, but your feelings are still uncertain, this month is not your wedding Ji Yue. Although the feelings have not arrived yet, you are not worried at all. You think love needs to wait. The more beautiful the feelings, the less anxious you can be. You are very patient with the feelings..