How about measuring your heterosexual relationship in December 2018

A good heterosexual relationship does not necessarily bring you love, but a good heterosexual life has many conveniences. Many people think it will be easier to get along with the opposite sex, at least less to care about.. How about your heterosexual relationship in December 2018? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s be a Questions together.!   Why do you think your heterosexual relationship is good??   A, your personal character is good b, your family condition is good c, your ability is very strong d, especially easy to talk test answer: a, December 2018 your heterosexual relationship is very good, December 2018 you have a very good heterosexual relationship, you also don’t know why, you are a very attractive person in the eyes of the opposite sex, you are very good, you can learn a lot from your body, so the opposite sex likes to be with you.. You have a good heterosexual relationship in December 2018 and will be admired by people..   B, December 2018 You can still have a lot of heterosexual friends around you in December 2018. Your heterosexual relationship is not bad. Do you think this life is good, and you and your heterosexual friends have more topics. And you are a person who knows how to respect friends of the opposite sex, so friends of the opposite sex will become more and more, and you have learned a lot from the opposite sex..   C, December 2018 your heterosexual relationship is very common, December 2018 your heterosexual relationship is very common, not many heterosexual friends around you, you will envy others heterosexual relationship, do you think heterosexual relationship makes you look very attractive and attractive. When the opposite sex is in common, you still want to try your best. You hope you can get more love from the opposite sex..   D, December 2018 Your heterosexual relationship is very poor. In December 2018, there is no heterosexual willing to approach you. You are a person who is critical of the opposite sex. The opposite sex is not willing to approach you.. Besides, you don’t like being with the opposite sex either. You think there are many inconveniences in dealing with the opposite sex. You don’t like such troublesome relationships, so you have no relationship with the opposite sex this month..