A word of advice to twelve constellations in April 2018

Spring has come, will summer be far behind?? Will good luck be far behind after the water reverses?? It is said that March is poisonous, but it is good to finally leave. April is coming. A piece of advice for the twelve constellations in the new month. It is said that after drinking chicken soup, you will be in the smooth ~ Aries. Your plan can’t just stop thinking and put into action. Don’t be lazy again. Taurus partners may surprise you or frighten you. Please face it calmly whether you give gifts or break up.!   Gemini makes you have difficulty in choosing a job or a mate. Believe in the first feeling and then don’t run away from Cancer. You will go through a painful experience, but you can break the cocoon. Become a Butterfly. Come on, Leo. When you are under pressure, don’t let off steam by indulging yourself. Both the food you eat and the credit card you swipe are to be returned. Virgo, you start to be lazy and distracted at work and emotionally. Put aside your distractions, Repent and be saved, and Libra’s negative emotions. Scorpio, who will stop your good fortune and weaken your noble fortune, so make yourself optimistic, brave and everything will be fine, your feelings are experiencing major setbacks or facing breakup, betrayal, The following are the things you have to do when you are deceived: stop deceiving yourself. Sagittarius many things make you feel weak and hopeless and confused, but these things can only depend on you to think quietly. Capricorn doing anything with a purpose will make you tired and enjoy the process. being honest can make you get more Aquarius. even if you have a lot of troubles in your life, don’t forget to be grateful for your life. being grateful to your neighbor Pisces when you have time to do physical check-ups, rest and health maintenance, you can’t be less likely to enjoy the original articles. reprint should indicate the source.