What is your Desires Of The Heart index for Valentine’s Day in 2018

Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Are you expecting your own peach blossom to come to you soon?? I believe that many single people think so, after all, to have a love affair is to respect the young themselves.. So what is your Desires Of The Heart index for Valentine’s Day? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s do a Desires Of The Heart test together..   1、. Do you know exactly what kind of lover you are looking for??   Yes →2 No →4 Occasionally think →3 2, would you like to cultivate common interests with your lover??   No-4 yes-3 haven’t thought about it seriously-6 3, have you made a list of things to do with your lover??   Yes-> 4 not yet-> 7 already has a small part-> 5 4, do you often envy the love that is basked in among your friends??   Yes, special envy →6 no →7 envy, but I still think love should not be basked in →8 5. Do you often discuss how to get along better with lovers with people who are emotionally successful??   No-7 is embarrassed to talk about emotional issues-8 yes, very often-6 6, are you a person who is constantly trying to improve yourself?   Yes →9 occasionally, not long after persistence →7 not →10 7, would you like to share the fruits of your success with your lover??   Yes →8 unwilling →10 looking at the object →9 8, if you fall in love, do you think you will be a good lover??   Yes, I haven’t thought about 9 yet, C is not, 109. Should the ideal love be two perfect people together??   Yes-A is not, love is two mutually advantageous but mutually inclusive-D depends on the situation-10 10, are you willing to work harder for the person you like??   Yes, d depends, b is not, c click on the next page to see the answer.! Please contact the website administrator if you reprint the original articles of First Constellation. Otherwise, it will be regarded as infringement..