What is your Desires Of The Heart index for the Spring Festival in 2018

It can be said that the Spring Festival is a very vexing festival for every young person who returns home, because when he returns home, he will have to face various kinds of hurried marriages from his seven aunts and eight aunts.. Even during the Spring Festival, many blind dates will be arranged. Faced with this situation, some people are very upset, but others are still looking forward to finding their true love.. So will you meet your true love at the Spring Festival in 2018?? What is your Desires Of The Heart index?? We will know the answer after a test. Now let’s do a Desires Of The Heart test together..   1、. Are you a nice person to get along with?   Yes-2 not-4 ok-3 2, what is your dissatisfaction with your work?   Low salary →4 hours too long →3 too many things →6 3, will you share your worries with the people around you??   Will take the initiative to share-4 will not share-7 depends-5 4, do you like to be the object of attention?   Do you have any requirements for your partner??   Looking good →7 being honest →8 potential stocks →6 6, what is your favorite thing to do??   Eating delicious food →9 tourism →7 sports →10 7, are you strict with your image??   Yes →8 is not →10 is fine → 9 is 8, do you have more opposite sex or same sex friends around you??   More heterosexual friends →C more homosexual friends →9 are almost the same →10 9, will you take the initiative to communicate with people you don’t know??   Will take the initiative to communicate →B will not take the initiative to communicate →D depends on the situation →10 10. Do you like to try things you don’t understand??   Like-a don’t like-c occasionally-b click on the next page to see the answer.! Please contact the website administrator if you reprint the original articles of First Constellation. Otherwise, it will be regarded as infringement..