Reasons for your bad feelings in 2018

Entering the new year in inside, you are likely to start a new relationship. However, your relationship is not as harmonious as you imagined. You may not have a predestined relationship with him. It is also possible that in the new year in inside, you and your original partner will always have quarrels. So what is the cause of your bad relationship in 2018?? Test and you will know the answer. Let’s be a Questions together! 1、. You like watching plays very much.? Do you like it or not?. You always put things off until the last day.? Often not half half 3,. When you meet with difficulties, you always ask others for help.? Yes, it does not depend on the situation.. You eat supper every night.? Yes, not occasionally 5,. You are very efficient in doing things.? Very high, not very high, not very clear 6,. You like talking about your other half in front of your friends.? Yes, I never look at occasion 7.. What kind of love pattern do you like? Every day is full of passion and surprise can be ordinary light 8,. When you see your predecessor in the street, you will? Pretend to be unable to see the initiative to say hello, depending on the situation 9,. Work, family and love come first for you? Work and Family Love 10. If you don’t reach the expected goal, you will? The reason why you feel bad in 2018 and A is because you are too busy at work. In fact, you have been getting along well with your other half. You are not the kind of people who want to stick to your other half every day. You all have independent thoughts and want to gain something in your career and get what you want.. As you enter the new year, your thoughts are even more intense. You will spend a lot of energy on your work in flour. Even you don’t know that you have ignored him. Therefore, the big reason for your bad feelings next year is that you are too busy.. B. The reason for your bad feelings in 2018 is that the two of you have different personalities. The main reason for your bad feelings in the following year is that the two of you have different personalities. You are both impulsive people.. As long as there is no consensus on something, you are likely to quarrel and neither side is willing to bow down.. At this stage, you should think carefully about whether you two can continue to walk. If you really like him, you should temper yourself and get along well with each other.. C. The reason for your bad feelings in 2018 is the opposition of your parents. Both of you get along quite well. It’s almost time to go to marriage. However, your parents will casually talk to you that he is not suitable for you. You are not the kind of person who worries too much.. But sometimes you think that your parents are also for your own good, so when your relationship is not blessed, you will also have no confidence in your relationship.. D. The reason why your feelings are not smooth in 2018 is your attitude. In this relationship, you do not seem to have given much, and you have always accepted the other person’s contribution. Therefore, your indifferent attitude makes your other half dissatisfied.. He felt that he had paid unilaterally in this relationship and had not received any response. If you think the other party is still good, you should change your attitude and fall in love seriously.. Re-answer the original article of First Constellation. Please contact the website management if reprinted, otherwise it will be regarded as infringement..