Will you still be single in 2019

Being single is a happy thing for some people. These people don’t even think about love. Love doesn’t matter to them. Of course, some people want to get rid of being single early.. So will you still be single in 2019? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s be a Questions together..   1、. Do you think single love songs are suitable for you?   Very suitable →2 unsuitable →4 difficult to say →3 2, does single life scare you??   Fear →4 Not Fear →3 Look at Mood →6 3. Would you like to be single all the time?   Willing →4 unwilling →7 depending on the situation →5 4, why do you want to get rid of being single??   Loneliness →6 pass the time →7 parents urge →8 5, what do you think is the greatest happiness of being single??   I am free-7 save money-8 spend a lot of time-6 6, will you be laughed at when I am single??   Will-> 9 won’t-> 7 hard to say-> 10 7, who is the person who laughs at you most often as single dog?   Parents →8 colleagues →10 friends →9 8, do you think the word single dog is an insult to you?   Absolute insult-9 is not an insult-d look at the mood-10 9, who will you tell after you get rid of being single??   Friends → parents of b →C who said nothing →10 10. did you form many bad habits when you were single??   A lot, b few, c difficult to say, a test answer: a, 2019 you will still be single a person in 2019 you will still be single a person in 2019, you very want to get rid of this state, but in the face of love you are a very picky person, your picky people dare not easily close to you. In the eyes of people around you, your critical behavior is that you don’t want to fall in love. Only you know that you just want to have the perfect love..   B, in 2019 you enjoy being single. in 2019 you don’t want to get rid of being single, but you enjoy your single life.. You are a person who likes freedom. You think you are the most free when you are single. You don’t want to be bound by love. You think you can live a good life by yourself.. Love is something you don’t want at all. You haven’t thought about getting rid of being single..   C. in 2019, you try to get rid of a person. in 2019, you will try to get rid of a person in this area. whether you can succeed or not depends on your attitude. you are used to living a single life. you want to get rid of a person’s life because you see that everyone around you has company.. In life, you often envy others. Whether you are single or in love, you will envy the living conditions of the people around you..   D, 2019 You Successfully Get rid of Being Single In 2019 You successfully got rid of being single. This year is sweet for you. You not only have an account for yourself, but also have an account for your family.. In fact, you have long wanted to get rid of being single, but you have been waiting. You are a very cautious person facing life. You feel that love needs to wait, and you will look confident when you get to love..