Stood up and sat against the wall surface, Para bang mashed windows, double pedal pulls directly!

  Chen quickly rushed before diving and Chakun failed to seize Gucheng, Gucheng whole person fell heavily floor, immediately aroused the crowd outside the sound of twittering discuss the rapid spread.
  ”go!”Chen diving leave immediately signaled Chakun.
  Chakun now in the capacity situation too special, once the police accountable, the investigation will be very troublesome since.
  Obviously Chakun also very aware of this, he quickly opened kitchen tables, took out a keg of kerosene before Gokseong prepared for him, as well as a lighter.
  These are used to “Huishimieji” things.
  Once a day the sea is Chakun do things on foot, then Gokseong will burn this room, it will make a Qiecha Kun evidence lived here have disappeared.
  Now solve convenient Chakun trouble.
  Chakun kerosene down on the bed, go to bed directly ignite the fire-throwing.
  Chen did not stop diving, the old building did not pass gas explosion will not happen, will not cause any casualties, while he quickly left the scene while quickly called the fire department’s phone.
  With the help of kerosene fire quickly ignited the raging.
  To the extent of this fire, before the fire brigade who rushed over to put things in the room enough to cook a spotless.
  As for the other neighbors, certainly choked it, and will not have its