It is followed.”

  Sim unlock long micro-speed, but the body is suddenly hugged people.
  ”Do not call!Dare call I’ll kill you!”Men Yin Cece’s voice in the ears, who was full of unpleasant sweat.
  ”I, my parents in the park, and soon came up, and I did not see your face, you let me go now, I’ll be nothing happened.”Xin long micro trying to scare him, which would have put her to know each other to find out the situation.
  ”Little girl, do not lie to me?I told you two weeks, shut up obediently listen to me.”He pulled out his knife against her waist.
  This instant, long Xin micro mind turned countless thoughts, the man hit her to the door, a low voice: “Open the door.”
  She really opened the door to let the people go, that is trampled upon, she pulled out the key, and pretending to be afraid of can not find the keyhole.
  N stalemate, tightly pressing her man’s hand to hold a knife was suddenly gave him a kick, the knife fall to the ground, the man’s body is an energetically thrown to the ground, only to see the darkness come dressed in white shirt, he start Henla, punch the man beat the nosebleed DC, cried fainted.
  Oct-long straight Leng Leng a micro system