Zhang daughter and two sacks in general have all been as anti rudely charge into the car, the other thugs did not go well, and some even face the ground is dragged back.

And the reporter who later also finished Chouchoudada still crying, began to rush forward to shoot those instruments of torture –

Grilled cut finger from nail to some perverted to no one can recognize it is doing, all unavoidably beat again.

Doctors taking care of them after the completion of the two, also took a diacritical is provided by the police, were vivid off-camera commentary.

“The iron rods are used to shock – Ahem cough.”

“This is probably the anesthetic cut in pieces with really a non-human.”

“and this.”

When they have finished editing the joint announcement, tomorrow I am afraid to neighboring countries throughout the fryer.

This is a chain of scandals, the world’s best news of the century to be able to count!

The night is probably also the reason to cry too long, could not help but start next hiccup children.

Mu spent patted the back of the hand to help him, a little bit distressed: “it wants to make it look good, they will help clip, you cry so hard to do?”

“Confiscation live -” The more nights also trying to hold back tears, piteously: “I must be very fit to be an actor – hic – you saw tied to that, I