Reserved for New Year’s Concert, had arranged to and from the scene of the Carnival holidays and travel.

  I heard Cheng Cen wave winter to go, or XIA away by his inspiration, sending him the ticket as a gift, jealous eyes are red, Sui Suinian, even if their girlfriend does not love the game, to accompany willing themselves to the site is a good way.
  The results are printed Zheng hit a lot, he said his first step should first find a girlfriend.
  Originally located near the busy end of the year, coupled with the Chengdong Chun XIA remote section and want to go home, after all, have not they both love and family filing, may XIA away there is a winter person!But do not say a whole winter to accompany it, at least have to first go back together.
  Dong Cheng is simply his own schedule gyro became a lianzhouzhuan, just to be steady over a year.This time around he points to how busy, wait until he is not in the studio, Zheng first Indian to please support stays.
  Although these days drive in winter almost no time to pick-up, nor can every day appointment, but XIA away quite understand, who can guard every day, six o’clock came downstairs for breakfast not send.
  Lifetime of the morning, it sounds like with the curse!Humanitarian up too!
  Anyway, her place of work and teachers’ apartments are in