I do not know why, looking at his unsuspecting smile, Donna but feel a little muffled.
  ”.You’re a stupid bug, because this will be the old cheated.”
  Yu Ze did not mind her, he clenched her fingertips: “cool it?”
  Donna shook his head.
  In this room, she should be very cold, but the strange thing is, she actually do not feel the cold.
  ”Today it is Christmas.”He looked up at the night sky:”.If it snows enough.”
  She followed to the top of the head to see the night sky.
  Deep and heavy night, a star and no signs of neither snow nor rain possible.
  ”You will command it snowed under.”she says.
  He laughing: “I’m not God.”
  ”But I’m ah.”She said:” rounding, you are the God of this world.”
  Yu Ze yet to speak with the staff distance shot rang loudly in Shengjing Hu:
  ”Look at the sky!”
  He looked up, just to see numerous snow from the sky Falling down, Anan dull sky, filled the snow rotating fly in the night, focusing instead rushed irradiation lights, like countless gold dust, in the light born in shiny light.
  Yu Ze