Nor by the shock, and if so according to Wu Tao said that the birth of this kid’s father Wu should be done, this is the nephew Wu ah wonder who spread the fire industry was able to be so heavy.

Wu also stared, he finally come to understand why Wu Tao so concerned about this kid, and this kid and why so close and Wu Tao.

“That’s my dad did,” Wu said, they also some shortness of breath, but this matter relates to his own life, he can not really can not give up at all, even ruthless good, but a matter of survival, we can not rely on him, “If you have any enemies, what to look for him all complain, and I was innocent ah!Wu Tao, brother, let’s look at two decades of mutual affection brother, you let me, OK?!I beg you!”

“You let go?”Wu Tao is clearly seen in this time that the safety Zhen Wei Wu completely ignore the death, his cold smile,” Why then no one client was incensed over Zhou Zhou?Why did your dad crucial year our family, my father died in the hands of your father, my mother was forced your father like people who like ghost ghost, now leaving the world of Half-Life alleys, my wife. ”

Wu Tao fiercely Yaozhu Ya, apparently could not go fast, his eyes filled with blood-red, red