”Young man, what today Thank you, I got this favor.”
  When Dai Xin dressed, and all the talent they recovered from the shock of just them, except only one person, and that is hanging Song.
  This is so shocking to see the leaves white scene, Song has some doubts hanging himself.
  If the last time in Guzi Xuan home is a coincidence, is the recipe, now it?
  White now leaves his medical skills so obvious in front of everybody, and it questioned his qualifications?
  The thought of white leaf age, Song hanging heart suddenly emerged an extremely huge sense of loss, even suspect that their life.
  ”Mere cupping, it could be so much worse.”
  Song hanging himself, as if some lost soul.
  Upon seeing the white leaves, faint.
  ”My only cupping can cure gout, but also governance day wilt it, you come right tummy.”
  Song had a hanging have been driven to distraction, hear these words white leaves, suddenly the spirit up, lookin hope the eyes, voice trembling.
  ”true.really?I really can cure?”
  Ye White nodded his head, “Hurry up, I’m in a hurry.”
  Song Dynasty