Westbrook junior double match point to get the Thunder victory over the Warriors Curry cold hands 1-3

] – Stephen Curry three-pointer only 2 of 10 shots, 19 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, Craig – Trey Thompson 4 of 11 shots, scored 26 points, Harrison – Barnes 11 points , Bradley Richmond – Green 6 points, 11 rebounds, 6 turnovers。
Warriors audience mistakes 21 times, rebounds in a 40-56 disadvantage。
  Warriors goal is to win at least a two away, on a crash, so they fall into a passive。
Today, Warriors and straitjacket imposed by the first half behind 20 points to win the Thunder home is not so easy。
  The two sides battle of wits, the game played less than five minutes, the Warriors with Andre Iguodala replaced Bogut, started five small lineup, the Thunder did not back down, replaced by Wei Tesi Adams, both sides of a small small。
Warriors five small squad known as the "death squad", they have repeatedly used this lineup to reverse the situation, but in front of the Thunder, this trick is not useful。 In a small lineup in the contest, Thunder wave of attacks hit 16-0, when 42 seconds in this section there are 5 minutes to obtain an advantage 22-8。
Westbrook and Wei Tesi have hit the third, just 2 minutes, the Thunder scored 16 points。
When warriors mistakes again and again, this section there are 5 minutes 28 seconds, only a third to a record library。
After Westbrook end break, the Warriors some improvement, they are 7-0 at the end of this section, chasing the score 26-30。 Thunder in this section last 2 minutes and 29 seconds failed to score。
  Section 8 minutes 11 seconds。
Barnes hit a three-pointers, the Warriors will recover as the score 36-40, but Thompson was blown third foul, had to end rest。 Thunder seize the opportunity, after more than half of this section, they launched a frenzied wave of attacks 22-6, 66-46 in one fell swoop in order to obtain a 20-point advantage。
Less Thompson, the Warriors can only rely on Curry, he hit a three-pointers when there are seconds in this section, but also hit the long shot immediately Westbrook, Thunder to 72-53 halftime。   Three of the first half, the Thunder has scored in double figures, Westbrook 21 points and nine assists, Durant 18 points and six rebounds, while Ibaka also scored 15 points。 47 23 team vote, the hit rate of nearly 50%, rebounding to 28-20 dominant。
  Warriors hit rate is not low, in%, but only 4 of 12 shooting three-pointers, the turnovers achieved 13 times on free throws, the Warriors scored nine points, while the Thunder 21 points。
Curry had 15 points, others failed to double。
Thompson early foul trouble, only 4 points。   Last Stand of the Thunder come up momentum, primarily in the first half only took six people, in addition to the starting five, but only played more than five minutes Wei Tesi。
Both Westbrook and Durant played 22 minutes, although they get a big lead, but the physical consumption is very large。
  Section two hit rate has dropped, while the rest began to get angry for a long time Thompson, the Warriors fight back。 After Thompson hit consecutive 3-pointers, the Warriors only to fall behind 68-76 at the half this section。
After Thompson still frequently hit, this section there are 4 minutes and 48 seconds after he shot, the Warriors only to 74-80 behind。 Thompson's single scored 19 points, but after the fourth foul, had to end, the Thunder before the end of this section with 3 points, 94-82 to maintain double-digit advantage。   Thompson beginning in the fourth quarter and hit the third, but failed to extend his hand, after continuous shot。
Durant also to third immediately, this section there are nine minutes, Robertson hit third, the Thunder re-opened the gap to 101-85。
  After Curry failed to find the feeling, Thompson also feel lost in the third quarter, the Thunder Yuezhanyueyong, the game 3 minutes 16 seconds, Westbrook hit the third, they lead to 114-93, the outcome loss of suspense。 Warriors had to give up, take down all the main。
  Warriors to 1-3 behind, facing elimination situation。
After the rest day, 27 teams will return to the Warriors at home, the defending champion has no escape route。 (Angkor)。