Grabs, Su Yuan look to Gujiu An fleet Gujiu An do not know when half opened his eyes, eyes misty one.

  ”Su Yuan.”
  ”I’m here.”
  ”Su Yuan.”
  Gu Jiuan seeking only called Su Yuan’s name.
  Su Yuan under-resistant temper, said: “You’re drunk.”
  Gujiu An drunk confused, blushing, with a child clutching Su Yuan wrist and grabbed the hand of Su Yuan pointed to the location of their heart, and particularly aggrieved authentic: “uncomfortable.”
  ”Is it too tight shirt?”
  ”So sad.”
  Su Yuan shirt that looked a bit tight, Le may be the Gujiu An uncomfortable, see bodyguards carrying out the basin, her command of the two: “to help him put clothes off and put on the robe provided by the hotel bar.”
  ”Yes, Miss Su.”
  Two bodyguards came over and found Gujiu An clutching Su Yuan wrist, hand Xiangyebuxiang put Gujiu An opened, Gujiu An casually shouted the name of Su Yuan, not long after they stumbled closed his eyes.
  The toss, Su Yuan back to his room has a ten p.m..
  She took a shower and fell asleep after.
  The other hand, responsible for the care Gujiu An one of the bodyguards stepped aside, make a phone call to the needy Fu reported on earlier.
  ”Boss, Gary drunk