She looked up, tears in his eyes actually some rippling.

  Sheng Joe continues to blink eyes, a look of innocence: “Brother, do not have words to thank, we are all the same door, ought to love each other.Although the brothers weekdays, fierce and annoying, but adults do not remember the villain is too small will not pick up and care about you.”
  Carter, the protagonist finally can not hold, “bang” sound fell to the ground.
  ”Brother ah!You can do not trouble ah!”She rushed past howl, supporting and moved his lips, carefully put the ear Sheng Joe Coushang, just listen to him off and said: ‘ are.Here.this life.most.biggest.’
  ”Hum, I know, the greatest honor.”
  Sheng sobbing while Joe took his words, so far, supporting his eyes over the pages, eyes closed, completely fainted.
  Next to the director shouted: “click!Too, and call it a day right.”
  Joe quickly filled up from the earth to a supporting role, concerned asked: “Where did it fell?”
  Supporting waved their hands: “No, no, it is tough teacher Missy.”
  Ding Jane laughed beside seen almost breathe, while the delivery of water to her side, said: “Talent is also a screenwriter, this sand sculpture on the red lines, the show will fire!”
  Sheng Joe: “.”
  The first day into the group perfect call it a day, Sheng Joe for everyone to leave a good impression.Lately travels Feifei Yang