Clean, so she can continue to calm calmly think Strategies.

  ”Hey, father?”The car arrived in the case of Yu Zhou cell did not take long, Bo Qin cell phone rang.
  Some number on him accidentally glanced at the screen, and soon received a pass.
  ”OK, I’ll see.”Do not know what has been said over the phone, relaxing Qin Bo’s face quickly disappeared.
  In case of Zhou Yu to see him sullen scored a laptop from the car, then just pick up a chair and began to open the mailbox, do not know why the feeling of a kind of atmosphere of.
  ”Hey, Ming Si, free this?Help me to log in to a mailbox, see if you can be found in the latest where that message is sent.”
  Qin Bo only cursory read the contents of the message two lines on his face very ugly.
  He put in a call directly to Liming Si, the latter his tone was an accident, I did not ask to be down.
  ”what happened?”And hang up the phone Qin Bo, Zhou Yu was asked softly in case.
  Qin Bo took a deep breath, adjusted his angle to the laptop, convenient case of Zhou Yu can see.
  ”Someone to all employees Tengyun have made this anonymous e-mail.But do not worry, I’ll take care.”
  Qin Yu Bo in front of the event has always been exceptionally gentle in weeks, this time is rare in tone