Mean, I in fact you are a puppet right!”Zhongchu Hong dissatisfaction hum a few times.

  ”Before you is not doing very well in Asia Films Well!Several genre, it is said in the Taiwan market and Southeast Asian markets have played first name, other towns film companies to buy other companies to see which movie star starring, and to see which type you here!”Li Xuan laughed.
  His remark was a bit exaggerated, but the Asian film and television companies from the original “courting” began, took a breath four of the same type of romantic comedy.Although it can not be considered a hit, but every package are profit no loss, the entire Hong Kong film industry break no small reputation, even the formation of a number of fixed audience crowd.
  Zhongchu Hong sweet smile, before the Asian film and television companies, although she is not responsible for the specific management of the company, but to start shooting a new movie project approval authority was in her hand.Her method is very simple, each time handing me the following script, she did not fight back four or five times will not give the project.And every time we writers detailing the plot script which made changes to improve.In this way a few times down the script on polished relatively good, but there is a good script, the film is the basis for success.
  ”Hollywood Oscars, Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, the Hong Kong film industry are increasingly influential in throughout Asia, we should also consider setting up its own Film Awards to encourage practitioners!Tomorrow you can remind Mrs Selina Chow, so she can consider contacting colleagues in the industry together to discuss the establishment of a film award, the contractor is then responsible ATV annual awards show!”
  Li Xuan suddenly thought of Hong Kong