She just up there in the morning, ready to go.I have to say that she is very dawdle, seven or eight points up and have to go out onto the 90.1, these two hours she was doing it?No different with the ordinary people, wash dress, play music for breakfast, is consumption, particularly consumption.

  She was ready to get up there, I’m here to review homework.Her make-up when I find time to see two, “cheapskate, you will die laughing about it?”When I was rolling his eyes and open book, taking the time to see two of her,” the foundation a little too white, ah.”Her clothes, I rarely look at her, she do know the first iPad cover.So when my pajamas, and she does not blink blink of an eye staring at me, I smiled at her, shut the bathroom door.When she ate breakfast, I was in bed, propped a small desk to do the exercises, the laptop screen facing my face, my pounding the keyboard crackling, she smiled and asked me, “Are you hungry?”
  I slipped in the lower right corner of the screen window of the eye.
  She nodded in front of a dish of delicate pastries, “Do not you want?”
  ”Hello hate ah!”
  ”But I miss you.”
  ”That’s how to do?”
  ”Neckline down a little you can?”
  ”Stinking rogue.”
  A weekend at home listening to music, APP music software, a man named ‘hear different’ in