Guide last night sent to the electronic version of the script, to savor.

  ”100 days” story, his earlier campaign for Three men made preparations for a long time, in fact, by heart.
  Summer is a great new photography department senior B, S City man, a happy family, a new sister Yi beautiful lovable, was in high school.There is a lover, Jiao Zan, a bar singer rock singer, and he grew up in a small city grew up with bamboo horse, the two long-distance relationship for four years.I thought life would such mundane over a lifetime, is preparing to graduate design of the new summer but received a bad news:
  Sister when Bund play, accidentally fall into the merciless river, drowned.
  Endless collapse of the old couple a new home, while the network upload message out is to give them a fatal blow –
  New Yi just drowning, when in fact there are two men passing the first time discovered the danger.They are father and son, father want the water to rescue his son desperately to block.An old lady walking take the phone to record this scene, to the reporter sent to the Internet, causing an uproar, netizens denounced this great son of selfishness, looking at the young living life in front of death are indifferent.
  Even friends who flesh out the identity of this son, named Qu Yang is a game anchor, suddenly network spearhead more acute,