The weather, how low the possibility of thunder?

  Girl’s face suddenly white-washed, can not help but shout out.
  Bodyguard surprised a moment on the driver’s seat, from the rear-view mirror to see the back seat.
  See also the first time such a reaction when cold girl, he hesitated only slightly lower, then the opening of the bodyguard said: “Listen to her, to open emergency lights, pull over.”
  After that, he turned to face very ugly girl, slowing the voice asked: “how, where there is discomfort?”
  ”Not.Get off, get off.”
  Cold and did not give leeway when it refused bodyguards, according to Ding Jiu Jiu opened the door, jumped out of the car fast.
  He did not hesitate when cold, got up with it down.
  He micro frowned, looked at his face stood still pale girl.And behind him, completely confused with bodyguards down.
  Jiu Jiu Ding took a deep breath, trying to will some shortness of breath and shake micro heartbeat calmed down.
  ”Just probably not thunder, it is the outbreak of debris flow – here is the valley in front of the road do not know what it had been hastily past.”
  Ding Jiu Jiu remaining did not finish, I heard more loud “thunder” crashing overshadowed her voice.
  Ding Jiu Jiu