Continued struggle.

  She mind some chaos, so she opened the broadcast, this time has few people on the line, it fragmented came and went, she analyzed the data side, the same side of humanity live in: “most of the night irritable heart , and you open a live chat with friends.”
  Then, she glanced back and found the screen was suddenly filled with brush gift.She lengleleng, I saw Brother Man’s name appears on the screen.
  ”Be happy not?”
  Yang Wei spent spent, she looked at the screen full of gifts, she sip Min Chun, quietly whisper the Brother Man.
  ”Come, Brother Man, a micro signal.”
  Yang Wei did not expect him to take the initiative and micro letter, Zhou spent spent.In fact, he thought, his relationship with the female anchor, just maintain on this live platform.He liked her live, because he saw his shadow from her.He liked that she once loved a man struggling, then hard pulling himself out of step by step look.
  So he encouraged her, for her, hope she can come out completely.And more, he was never thought of.At this moment looking at the private chat on screen, he hesitated for a long time, he finally entered his private micro letter.
  Yang Wei quickly added a micro letter of Zhou