do not understand?Certainly done things that hurt you, a guilty conscience, so to make up for money.”Seal emphatic,” he a wealthy people, to open luxury cars, do President, certainly there are many around the goblins fought to flutter up, look at this situation, it is estimated that he did not hold on.”

  Yue heart: “.So, I head green?”
  ”Yeah, very good, with your green skirt with a very.”Seal said,” No, you have split up, storage Wei was free, it does not matter you green.”
  Yue Xia Xiang heart does not like, she immediately called to guard the reservoir, rang twice, hang up the phone.
  not answer the phone?
  ”You see, you see, are afraid to answer the phone, he must have been gone the other goblins hook!Let you broke up, regret.”
  Le heart a glance in the past, it is an instant shut his mouth, “it” did not dare say a word.
  The land of God, did not dare touch.
  Do not eat the heart of the music, to send over food storage Wei Qi great interest, she is not afraid of spicy, and spicy hot pot with a big plate of squid.In front of squid fragrant, seen the big scenes music heart elegant style eating dry wipe.
  Seal and provoke uncontrollable mouth happy heart: “against ex-boyfriend ate, take, you are a land of God, do not feel embarrassed?What your dignity?”
  ”I’m sorry, ah, so I put down the dignity.”Music heart continues to open a box of chocolates when cooking