Nei: Takeout female rider big data release

March 8, the US group released takeaway female rider Big Data。
Data show that every 100 riders, there are 10 female riders。
Among them, 45% of female riders is "90", and 37% of female riders between the ages of 30-40 years old。
It is noteworthy that, although the female rider longer than men on the riders in the volume of orders and the average work, but because more attentive service, customers have higher degrees。 According to data released by the US Mission takeaway, takeaway every 100 US group sold its duties have five copies are sent out by female rider。
Although only 10% of the total female rider rider, but every 10 female riders will have three regional TOP10。 In addition, 10% of female riders have been in the US for more than a year take-away group, working on average than their male rider platform in a month。 Female rider most provinces of Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, there are 9848,8583 and 7257 respectively。
Among them, the best female rider in Jiangsu Province "fight", 2754 female riders occupy the area of orders TOP10。 Currently, most of the orders are female rider in Jiangsu Province, it has completed the sale of its duties 41106 delivery。
Female rider from the distribution from the point of view, female rider riding the longest Henan Province, is 3390 km, the equivalent of riding from Sanya to Beijing。
In Beijing Town 5724 active female riders "on the road", they ride an average of 2171 kilometers, the equivalent of riding distance from Guangzhou to Beijing。 However, Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Liao Jiedao and Cong Baidu takeaway responsible person, accounting for Baidu takeaway female rider is very low。
Although Baidu takeaway delivery staff in the recruitment and no gender restrictions, but the takeaway delivery work very hard, especially when special weather, many female riders at work for some time will choose to leave, the stability is not very high。
In addition, the Beijing Daily reporter also learned that takeaway delivery platform for female and male staff members and distribution of benefits, distribution equipment is the same, but also by virtue of the female riders better praise of customers, is becoming a part of this highly takeaway delivery community groups concerned about the dazzling presence。
(Beijing Daily)。