You fucking hurry!Today’s lesson is Yang!”In front of the juvenile riding a bicycle to go out all the way, also Huitouchong slowly lay behind another car Dengzhe teenagers shout.

  ”I’m afraid ass.”Young pair of Taohua Yan lazy half closed, only just caught two of a handful of hair still bristling hair to stay.
  When he casually glanced through the glass window next to his bike, originally kicking out kicking back and feet, eyes remnants of sleep suddenly disappeared without a trace.
  Glass window girl sitting wearing a pale pink skirt embroidered with silver small floral, little face goes white at the moment seem silly blankly, pretty clever round eyes was looking at her sitting across man, just to be the man to feed a mouth cake.
  Mu Zheng look to the man sitting opposite her, can not help but slightly narrowed eyes, tugged lips, a bit staggering.
  That his mother only a few days ah on a replaced by another man?!

Chapter 13, the eldest son of Xie
  After the company because there are some things that need to Baishu Yan process, so he handed the paper bags and identification cards A rouge, and spoke to her for a while, then took her to thank crystal of the home.
  A rouge with Baishu Yan to pack her little cake back to the apartment when we come to one pm.
  The little cake in the fridge, A rouge