Car, he too lazy and they waste time.

  After diving, etc. Chen drove away, Wu Li and Wu Yan was finally relieved, the two things are not so worried about the hard drive completely to Li Cheng, more for themselves.
  After all, this monitor hard drive also records the fact that they often enter Banquet KTV, once the contents of this got out, everything will be ruined.
  Fortunately, Lee Sung had just given them to report on this matter, they called in the wavelet cousin Network Reconnaissance Division, will be looking for his recovery Banquet Su Qing KTV monitor hard thing to tell the two men, they will come nonstop and timely control of the deterioration of the situation.
  ”I called to tell wavelet immediately destroy the hard disk.”Wu Yan looked at the disappearing taillights on the road brother.
  ”I went straight upstairs to find him brought.”Wu Li startled a bit.
  Wu Yan nodded: “Let wavelet do, and we can put him tied together.”
  ”I understand.”Wu Li quickly to fight wavelet and told he had Su Qing Zhizou, let him direct the destruction of the hard drive.
  Wavelet readily agreed down.
  Chen diving the dull mood of Su Qing sent home, Su Qing road without a word, but the eyes are incredibly strong, clear to Sike in the end the.
  Then Chen Ye Xue Fu diving on back home.
  Chen diving stop to knock the door leaf Xiao Yao while complaining about side door: “How you