After the Queen Mother asked the waiter to just let things out Royal.

  ”blanket?”The old lady obviously did not expect to have such a gift:” Where to buy?”
  Gift box in front of her face open, the inside of the soft white blanket of thick, Lingge pattern is also quite nice.
  Empress squint his eyes took out the blankets, hand rub a little, find a good texture: “such a good thing, bring feet touches pity.”
  ”It is woven with me and His Royal Highness,” the evening also laughed: “size than the over, and will not put you to appear here too obtrusive.”
  ”Hey?”The old lady laughed:” Now men will weave a blanket?”
  ”I will make hats woven scarves, but those who do not need you estimate.”The more nights also see her speak so well, and there are a few words:” It is I put the blanket Toto hair combed down and eliminate the hostility of workers had treated.”
  Queen Mother glancing that lie next to the chair of Toto, touched on this a soft blanket of white hair thoughtfully: “I did not give it a pull out bald, and also good skills.”
  Etc. After this, please complete security is gone, the emperor was with late Queen.
  The family said a moment, then, the emperor catch a glimpse of the little old lady was standing on blanket.
  ”It’s working good ah, who sent you?”
  Queen Mother sipping tea manmanyouyou: “You fancy?”
  The emperor Samsam smile, argued: “there is a blanket, and then