Milk home New Year right.”She was reading in Beijing seven years, only to come back two or three times, is home for the grandparents.

  Mototo home, she had never been.
  Song Yi did not say any more.
  Vowel asked: “How about you?”
  Song Yi: “watch it.”
  ”Hard Ha…”
  ”.”Song Yi to see her, did not speak.
  Finally they both burst out laughing.
  Song Yi because there are things she will not give up, vowels have a new hand carry fruit, she distressed money: “This is certainly very expensive, in fact, buy in bulk on the line.”
  Song Yi teasing her: “I want to help save money?”
  ”what?”Her face was another false.
  ”Is sent to the patient’s family, I take home is in trouble, brought it to you now.”
  ”This ah.”
  The original is sent.Not enough money.
  ”Let’s go back.”He said, then got on.He suddenly handed from a small bag out of the window, he said: “There are things to you.”
  ”what?”Vowels stretched hands to pick up, cool earth fingertips touched his hand.
  ”Do not look.”He lowered his voice:” After coming home again open, remember.”
  A closed vowel heart?Is it the first reaction is to the patient’s red envelopes?Gold?cash?card?what is this else?Song Yi no place to put it is easy to be checked out, she had to hide in here