Warily glanced at the window around, muttering quietly asked: “Li total, how the?”

  Li Qin Yue did not let go, the depressed leaned back in his chair, opening again when some dumb voice: “Go back to say.”

Chapter 11
  Back to Villa not too far away, but late at night, the driver opened quite slowly climbing road.
  Li Qin Yue some suffering, a small space, the perception of smell and are more sensitive to temperature.
  She tried to put his body on the window, face posted on the cold glass, but the heat still coming in an endless stream.
  Zhuo juvenile totally unaware of, was ordered later allowed to speak, sat obediently.She did not play phone habits, exterior and dark one, so from time to time will put their eyes to Li Qin Yue body.
  Li Qin Yue back to her, but you can feel the eyes.
  Dangling car, Li Qin Yue think his head is probably Akira paste, or that this evening in the middle of a bunch of devious woman to be so long, to get himself to be the evil intentions.
  She even wanted to use thirst beside this little girl film, it is too evil a.
  After the car stopped, Li Qin Yue almost instantaneously Lakaijumen out of the car.